Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kawaii! And Queer! Oh My!

Animals should be dressed - otherwise they are naked. I'm a firm believer in this - from a cute collar to a full on outfit, animals should have the same rights as the rest of us (dont get me started on how much of a fashionista my last doggie was - seriously).

Introducing the most kawaii piglet i've ever seen! Too cute for words!

Ok... deep breaths.... resist making every animal I know a similar outfit. It doesnt help that some friends of mine have the world's cutest pug.

Had an up and down weekend - volatile but ended nicely.
Someone I had a bad history with 10 years ago recently moved to Sydney, and has gotten heavily involved in the queer scene. I've worked really hard to put a lot of heavy feelings aside - I mean, I was a different person 10 years ago and i'm sure they are a different person now? Right?

We both recently attended a queer/trans workshop, but a few others and myself left early because we didnt agree with what was going on (which is fine - not everyone has to agree). This person then took it upon herself to exclaim loudly on the interwebs that it was people like (us) who ruined the queer scene by not supporting this particular issue, that we were haters, passive aggressives and down right no-good.

*Sigh* Just because my queer politics are different to someone elses doesnt mean mine are bad. I dont have to support something I'm not happy with (do I really have to list my community involvement pedigree to prove my queerness?). I was stewing over what she said the whole weekend, about whether I confront her or ignore it. I realised confronting her won't acheive anything, so the best thing to do is detach from the situation. Its just a shame that the scene is so small that i'll be forced to interact with her sometimes - will have to work on some boundaries.

The weekend ended wonderfully though - knitting the courthouse crew and afternoon tea with friends (and pug love!). I finished my red/black stripey socks, but realised I forgot to take photos!

T ook Tempest (my moped- named for Tempest Storm) out for the day - and rode home in the dark and rain - two of my big worries. Made it in one (wet) piece much to The Boi's relief.


Caro said...

Aaahhh! The smell of queer faction fighting in the morning . . . you know you're alive! Doesn't a little dip into history sometimes make you realise how good life is? The knitting sounds the most sensible part of the weekend. Thank heaven's for wool!

M-H said...

You don't have to prove anything about your queerness to anyone except yourself. Give that person the big finger (up the nose with a pointy fingernail) and move right along.

Yay for mopeds! Ride on!

beagleskin said...

Thanks for the link to my horribly cute piglet. Hope she makes you feel a bit better about the number of eejits in the world.

They're not worth worrying about you know. Knit a few more rows and forget about them.

Deadly Knitshade :)

ruthee... said...

You have come up with some great approaches to deal with the issue. I would guess that 10 years ago, you wouldn't have been so wise. There is something to say for growing older and stronger (and wiser).

Boundaries are more important than many people give credit to.

Emily said...

Even *I* think the pig is cute!

Sorry you're having hassles - good choice not to confront, I'm sure, would just wind you up and make the future intereactions harder for you (the person we all care about - can be as hard as you like for her!)

You're as queer as queer can be, and well sorted too. As you know. Yay for queer knitting!

Bex said...

Aww - you guys all rock!

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