Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Katherine + Mataranka

Day 6: Up at 5.30am for a dawn cruise down the Katherine Gorge. Awesome. Really, really, really beautiful. Its so hard to describe what the gorges look like - i guess its easiest to say just go yourselves!

In the afternoon we drove 101kms to Mataranka Hot Springs - clear aqua water bubbling out of the ground and 34c all year round. Fin loved it - but it felt a bit like the Florida of the Northern Territory... I think we were the youngest people by about 30 years hehe...

Day 7: Home!!! About 350kms back to Darwin and The Boi did it one stretch - well done honey! While there was heaps to see in Katherine, the physical aspects (i.e. sore legs and not much sleep) were getting to us. It was very tempting to drive the 600kms to Wauchope and The Devil's Marbles but we just too worn out.
So now we're just chilling (The Boi is watching LaInk and LondonInk on cable) and i'm trying to get up the urge to keep knitting even though its sweltering (knitting addict for the win!).
Back to Sydney on Saturday - and our poor little kitty-cat! Meow!


ruthee... said...

Awesome pictures! Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Emily said...

All looks fabulous - I'll send C the link to check out. Wish we could've got up there - and would love some more walking and swimming and campy stuff with you two!

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