Thursday, June 18, 2009

Femme Outing - Sydney Femme Mafia

A few weeks ago I created an event on Facebook for a small group of femme friends to meet up at the Zanzibar, look fabulous and get slightly drunk. Last night was that night.

The even itself took off (I invited 10 people, and 40 people showed interest) - but out of the 20 RSVPs only 7 people showed up. Well, it was rainy and freezing so fair enough! I got wear a wiggle dress I havent worn for years (yay for weight loss) and my favourite hot shoes.

Still was an excellent night - I only knew two of the other girls but we all really connected over issues that face femmes everywhere: tiny hats, hot shoes and hotter bois/butches (lol).
Ended up staying until after 11pm (they shut the bar on us), drinking too many lychee martinis and telling hilarious stories to each other. It was so great to be in a group of empowered, vibrant women and connect in to what made us so different yet the same.

Cant wait for the next one - we are thinking of crashing the next Bear's Underwear Party in July (where else can you dance in your best Bettie Page knickers and have other girls admire them for what they are?).

It was suggested we call ourselves the Sydney Femme Mafia - not to distract from the Femme Guild, who feel to be more about the politics. This is more about the social side of being Femme.

Turns out one of the girls and her boi love Marilyn Manson - we just got tickets this morning for his October show and I cant wait to go. Its been ages since i've met someone who likes the same music, let alone want to go to a concert.

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TiNK said...

jealous! Dave would love to go see Marilyn Manson

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