Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back at work, back to life

It feels so good to be back in Sydney, even if my head is going a little crazy. I really miss the weather, the people watching and just the general atmosphere of a (big) city.

Mentally, i'll be honest enough to admit the last few months have been a struggle. I know there's a problem when I can't get excited about knitting/sewing! Realisation of my character defects, seeing my family interact, and finally learning that someone close to us attempted suicide while we were away has led to some intense moments.

I'm still working through some issues, but I know everything is going to be ok - making the effort to go to the Morris and Sons SnB last night (even for 20 mins) was totally worth it.

Counting my blessings really shows how lucky I am:
I have a great Boi who loves me no matter what,
my family (while a tad dysfunctional) are still around me,
I have my health, a roof over my head and food in the fridge,
I have a great job,
and finally - having a crazy kitty that is adorable!
(side note - my parents have sent down their moped for me, which means i'll also be more mobile! excellent!)


Emily said...

Hey there. Sorry it's been so rough, but great to hear you're feeling more pos now. Love the kit's grumpy looking face!

Has that parcel arrived? Any joy on search? If not we'll have to let you know what was in it :-(

Love to both xx

M-H said...

You have character defects? Who knew?!? Seriously, where is the button for hugs(1000) when you need it?

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