Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome to Darwin

Yup - The Boi and I have come to Darwin courtesy of the parents for a 2 week holiday. We're off to Kakadu for a few days, and then Katherine Gorge as well.
You know when you really, really need a holiday? Thats us at the moment. The house seems overwhelming and we've been biting each other's heads off over the smallest things. Time to relax. Having a hectic social calender hasnt helped either - trying to fit in renovating a house, being with The Boi and still see my friends has been really hard. (photo from Plus One launch - the night before we flew out)

While i've been here i've found: a craft shop that stocks Mission Falls 1824 cotton, a friend of my dad's who spins alpaca and the local tiny library in Karama has a decent range of knitting books! I havent done any knitting at all at the moment - the heat is almost unbearable (The Boi loves it) so i've been hanging out watching TV and reading. We head off to Kakadu on Wednesday and i'm really looking forward to seeing some gorgeous nature.
Oh - my parents gave me mum's old moped which means I have wheels! Looking forward to more independance from The Boi and public transport. Take care all! xxx

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Lara said...

I wondered where you had been! Have a great holiday, and find me the tackiest postcard you can :)

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