Sunday, March 29, 2009

A hard weekend

With some heavy duty chainsaw action. (here is an idea of what we removed)

Most of the trees in our front garden were awful - thorny twisted trees that didnt even provide good shade. Two days worth of chainsawing later and we have a bare front yard, nearly ready for replanting (Lillypillies and Chinese Tallows).

After a big day it was time for a nap.

And then to the Butch/Femme/Trans afternoon get together which was really good. A lot of friendly people who were easy to talk to - just what you need on a Sunday afternoon.


missfee said...

aww cute kitten pron - bring it on I say more more I want more kitten photos.......

and front yard too

Andrea James said...

Wowie, we still haven't tackled yard yet, but I'm dreading it. Still, I don't think any chainsawing will be required (optional maybe). Must be therapeutic to get all those icky trees gone.

P.S. Fin + kitteh = KEWT!

Emily said...

How cute does your Boi look! (Answer - very!)

Interview tomorrow for a real job - can you believe it?

We're both missing both of you - and did Fin ever get the soppy slightly drunken email I sent and the more sensible one from C? We think of you both lots, and talk about you, too...

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