Monday, February 09, 2009

Bye to two great gals.

Well, Emily and Clare have run off never to return. (Actually, they did it a while ago but I was waiting to upload some pics to Flickr first). -I tried hiding their passports but I think they were on to me.

Its been really great having you both in our lives (the Boi is despondant now you are gone) and we are the richer for knowing you. If someone had told me that a UK knitter I met online would end up being one of my best friends I wouldnt have believed it.
You'll always have a place here in Sydney if you ever come back. Here's to our future India/some where cheap trip!


M-H said...

I miss them too. But life is long and who knows when we'll see them again?

Lara said...

This is going to sound stupid, but I haven't posted about them leaving because every time I think about what I want to say, I get upset.

So I keep putting it off :)

Lovely pics!

missfee said...

makes me really sad seeing their happy faces and not seeing Em at knitting now :(

great photos though

Clare said...

cool pics, that was a great day, and missing you both loads too. When we have somewhere to live in Nottingham you will always have a bed!

Emily said...

Bex! You soppy date (that's a good thing, you know!)

We're missing you and the Boi so much - and Lara, and M-H, and Fee, and and and and...

Lovely pics too, of such a great day. (Can we have copies? Pretty please?)

We've LOVED being in Sydney, and can't believe how welcoming you've all been - d'you think Nottingham will have the faintest hope of competing on friendliness stakes? No way! Love you all....

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