Monday, January 05, 2009

RSPCA Wish List

This year, I'm really going to knit for charity a lot more.

To that end, here is the RSPCA's wishlist for anyone with spare time or stuff:

Shelter Wishlist

Dog treats, dog chews, treat pouches, dog kennels, clam pools and sand pits, large dog coats, beds, shade sails, puppy pens, trampoline beds, blankets, large sized jackets and pooper scoopers.

Toys - soccer, football, and tennis balls, squeaky, rope, chew and throw toys, and durable boredom busters soft toys (no beanie toys please).

Toys, scratching posts, kids play gym, cat treats, cat tunnels, cat treats, cat nip, cat grass, kitty litter, and ornamental water fountains.

Birds and Poultry
Toys, aviaries, bird seed, feeders, and perches.

Pocket Pets
Chews, salt and mineral licks, toys, rat and mouse houses,and ferret accessories.

Fencing materials and livestock shelters

Veterinary /Grooming Equipment
Heating pads – microwaveable, instrument trolleys, stainless steel exam benches, microchip scanners, grooming clippers, brushes, combs, nail clippers,
dog and cat electronic weigh scales, hydrobaths, and stretchers /spinal board.

Potted plants, watering cans and wheelbarrows
Lawn mowers and whipper snippers
Outdoor bench seats
High pressure hose and pumps
Industrial washing machine and dryers
Digital cameras, scanners, digital projectors and screens, LCD screens
Photocopiers, laminators, brochure display stands and paper shredders
Air conditioning units,
Automatic water dispenser for animals, and a
Metal storage cabinet.
Stable brooms, rakes, feed bins
Sawdust, straw and hay
Horse rugs, bridles, lead ropes,and saddles

Pleae note: donations need to be dropped of at your closest shelter, as we do not have the resources to pick them up.

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