Monday, January 19, 2009

One week to go....

Until The Boi and I are official property owners/mortgagees.

**BTW - If anyone is free on 7-8 February and feeling energetic, we could use muscles to lift our furniture and help us move. Lunch will be provided!!!**

Some things I have learned during this period:

- Things take their own time. If you can't control something try not to stress over it. I stressed so much, and it all worked out in the end.

- A good conveyancer/solicitor is a must. Our's has been great all the way through - from recommending an awesome pest/building inspector to being on the ball with the vendors and our paperwork. (We used Assured Conveyancing in Berowra).

- Real estate agents pretend to be your friend. If someone is being nice to me I find it really hard to blow them off - they know this and will prey upon you!

- If neighbours see a For Sale sign up and nobody is home, they will come over and take anything that isnt nailed down. Plants and wheelie bins included.

- When in doubt, follow it up. If you have sent paperwork off a few days ago and no-ones called you - call them. A couple of times we've needed to prompt people who had the paperwork sitting in front of them gathering dust.

- If you can, have a Plan B for just about every situation you can think of - hey, use that time you were going to be stressing to make contingency plans for future mishaps instead! I'm only half joking.

- A lot of renovation stuff you can do yourself. Our friends paid a fortune to have professionals come in, but if you're handy just visit the library and learn how to replace sash cords or tile splash backs yourself. IKEA kitchens are pretty easy to assemble too.

- Take photos, so you can compare the house before and after you've done work.

- Dont cut holes in fibro! You need to replace the whole sheet if its asbestos, and you have to get a pro in if its over 10 sqm. There's a law.


Lara said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you!

I'd love to come over and help, but I think I'd be as welcome as a plague carrier. Oh, wait! I AM a plague carrier!

Maybe I can help with painting or demolishing down the track a bit :)

M-H said...

I ::heart:: IKEA.

ARJ said...

If we are not neck deep in scraping off paint and doing renovation stuff, just give me a call (if you need my mobile # just email).

Good lessons-- not far off from what we learned through the whole process as well.

Candi said...


but wait... you got a wheelbarrow stolen ? crazy people!

Emily said...

Sorry, we'll be too far away....

And we'll miss helping out and seeing the progress! Lots of pics a must!

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