Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Bangkok holiday...

On Tuesday I decided to visit Bangkok all on my lonesome - Thailand is so easy to get around I didnt really worry about it.

Hopped on a mini bus, 3 hours and $6 later was in Bangkok and settled in my hotel. I'd heard about the Forensics Museum, at the Siriraj hospital and plotted a journey to see.
(hint, click the link and use the controller to turn right to see the bodies in cabinets)

A ferry ride and short walk later and I was there. Its pretty surreal - partly decomposing bodies in flimsy glass cabinets, babies in jars, limbs in jars, other things in jars. There is also a weird smell, kinda chemical-y, and kinda sweet. Considering that the bodies in the glas cabinets had 'drip trays' under them and wern't airtight you didnt want to dwell too long on the smell.

Afterwards I wandered around the amulet markets, and ended up at the Palace. Had a quick look, and hopped back on another river ferry to vist MBK= shopping mecca! 7 floors of stuff. Everything you can imagine: mobile phones, designer knock offs, real designer stuff, stationary, food, music etc etc.
I bought leopard fur Converse Chuch Taylor High Tops ($50!) and debated buying some more plain converse CTs, as they were $35. Then remembered I had to carry them around with me. Got some presents for people, and went on home.

Next day I got up late and went to Emporium, another big shopping centre - to go to Kinokuniya for some books. Had some lunch and caught another mini bus back to Hua Hin. Too easy.

The Boi has been tattooing hys little heart out - and will be starting hys first real person tomorrow!!! All this week has been practice on pig's skin (yuck) to get the line work right and getting used to the weight of the gun. Now for the real deal.

Kanthima also said she would do mine tomorrow as well, decided on getting the girl on my left leg reworked instead of covered. Bought some Valium from the chemist cos i'm a wuss too! At least i've seen how fast she is and know that it'll be over quickly.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello from Hua Hin~!

It is pretty boring here in Hua Hin though.
I'm trying to find things to do to keep myself amused for the 6 hours a day that The Boi is off at Tattoo School.
One of the things I've discovered is the Buchabun Cooking Course. It totally rocked! We learnt how to make red and green curry paste from scratch (and discovered why mine dont taste as nice) and made THE BEST Tom Yam Soup. So much nicer than the ones i've had at home - it was salty/creamy/sour/sweet. I cant wait to give it a go when I get back.

I liked it so much i booked in to do another on Thursday (massaman and penang curries).
It was a pleasant suprise to discover 99% of the ingredients are easily available in Ashfield Fruit World :D.
The other thing we discovered was the Blue Angel Ladyboy Show - think drag show, but with more feminine entertainers. I love drag shows and this was no exception! Whitney, Tina - it was all there. The did some comedy songs, and some traditional asian songs (with their own take on the outfits). I had a great time - but poor Fin! Hy kept getting singled out for special attention. By the end of the night he had bright pink lipstick on hys forehead, and when we were getting our photos taken with the girls, they were offering hym services in his ear! LMAO!!!

We've also discovered some great places to eat (of course) - a place that does muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast and Sara-Janes, a mix of western and Thai owned by an american woman. Its focus is on traditional Thai/Isaan food (most places here are westerised Thai). We had the best dinner there last night (crispy fried Morning Glory) and are going there for sticky rice with mango for lunch again today. Yum!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Tom, The Tourists and The Trannie-Girl

I am loving Thailand! We arrived in Hua Hin yesterday without much of a hitch (its so much easier than India) and The Boi is off at tattoo school today.


After having about 4 hours sleep we landed at Bangkok Airport and quickly got a taxi. The driver asked what country we were from, and when told, said "Australians no good". He didnt speak to us for the entire trip to our hotel, but we got there and were fine.

Suk11 is a great hotel - definately one of the nicest places we have stayed in all our travels. The rooms are large, very clean, the beds are comfy and the pillows are better than mine at home, free breakfast - and we have aircon! It was really needed while we were in BK. Oh, and did I mention its right on the main shopping strip?

Ahhh shopping. The Boi was a bit shocked by what I wanted to buy - Converse Chuck Taylors are about $30 over here ($70 at home) so I wanted to buy three pairs! I only bought one pair, but little does hy know I have plans on buying more when we return to BK before I leave.
I found heaps of cute kawaii things - books, pens, toys. If they can stick Hello Kitty on it, they will (I got Hello Kitty mints and Hello Kitty face wipes).

I also found YARN! It was nice (wool, alpaca and cottons) much the same price as at home, so I didnt feel the need to get any. I did buy a Clover Chibi and some locking stitch markers though.

The Boi and I have been chowing down on Thai food non stop - its been fantastic. We especially love the little guys with their sliced fruit carts - they have clear icecream carts filled with ice, and sliced watermelon, pineapple, papaya, rockmelon and guava. You pick what you want, and they slice it up, put it in a bag and give you a skewer to eat it with. YUM!

The night before last we went to the infamous Patpong markets - where everything is for sale. Designer ripoffs mingle with traditional Thai crafts, to the sound of the ever present touts trying to get you inside a one of the seedy bars.
"pussy ping pong!" "pussy banana" "pussy bubbles".

Then we found family - a tom (butch lesbian) spotted us, hugged us and immediately tried to get us to go into a girly bar. We had a quick chat and I gave her a flirty smile before we were swept off into the crowd.

Then we met Jennifer. Jen is a third-gendered person (what we would call a trannie-girl) who was trying to sell me a bag. Once she found out we were tom-dee (butch and femme) she gave me a special 'family' price, and we ended up singing Gloria Gaynor together in the middle of the market (much to The Boi's amusement). I did buy the bag. It was definately one of the best moments I had in BK.

Well, the next day we checked out and caught the light rail to the train station. Our train was 2 hours late ("half an hour delay, madame") so we chatted to an american couple - turns out the guy was a mad-crocheter! He showed me his, I showed him mine - while his partner and The Boi shook their heads. They will never undertand the Brotherhood.
(I also told him where the yarn was - its my duty as an enabler and yarn-hunter to share the love).

Hua Hin itself is a pleasant enough place - although its really set up for the middle class westerner. Namely, seedy old men with their Thai girlfriends - they are everywhere and its pretty gross. Other than that its alright.

Well, better be off, see yas!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just checking in....

Its 6am in Singpore, and I really must remember not to book the ridiculously cheap flights that go through the wee hours of the morning (left Darwin at 1am).

Will be in Bangkok in 2 hours or so - yay!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Congrats to my sister!

Well done Moo.

Congrats to you and Davey, you both looked awesome and the wedding was lovely (one of the most relaxed and chilled out ones i've ever been to). All the best for the future!

It went off without a hitch (well, the cupcakes nearly melted in the car but they were alright in the end) and everyone behaved themselves. The Bride and Groom wore crocs, so The Boi and wore them as well.

The full Flickr-set is here (only a dozen photos).
Oh, and she loved the shawl! She didnt take it off all day... ;)

Sunday, August 03, 2008


With 3 days to spare. And despite The Boi tripping over the stole while it was on blocking pins and knocking it apart (how you can miss a giant lace stole on the ground I dont know).

The Knittery's Silk/Merino 2ply is a joy to knit with. It blocks up to such a nice, airy finish. (The colour is more green/brown/purple in real life).

The pattern was better to work with once I'd finished about 1/4 of it - before then it was pretty confusing but I love the result and am tempted to make it again. (Magnetic place boards are a life saver).
I'm really, really happy with this stole - it's literally the longest and hardest thing i've ever made. If someone told me 3 years ago i'd knit something like this, i'd not believe it - and i'm doubly glad that I made it for my sister, who's worth the effort.

Here's some pics!

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