Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Its been a while, so here's my best-of sale wrap up.

Little Knits has Ranco sock yarn for $7 a skein. Really. And 10% off Noro Silk Garden Sock, and bag discounts for normal Silk Garden. Cash Iroha is 20-40% off too.

Webs is having its summer sale at the moment - its alright, not as good as the winter sale.

Elann has Katia Scotch for $3.48 (tweedy silk, wool and viscose).


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Interview with The Boi

Ala, web-goddess and MissFee interviewing their partners, I present:

Interview with The Boi:

What are your favorite things about my knitting?
You being creatively occupied – your passion for yarn is demented but cute – friends made through it.
Hmm, the majority of my friends are through knitting.

What is your least favorite things about my knitting?
Unfinished projects scattered/dumped everywhere – time spent not spoiling me

What are somethings I have knitted, that you recall as being good?
Socks and lacework

Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
Yes but no more than other compulsions/obsessions

How much is all your books/mags?
A fraction of the cost unless you count my art books (which are work related and tax deductible)

Do you have a book stash?
You know I do – though to meet my demands I use public libraries

Have I ever embarrassed you, knitting in public.
Yes! Yes! Yes! In the cinema for instance

Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?
All non acrylic yarn or specifically that Japanese tofu/bamboo yarn thingy which is hand dyed by little mountain nannas and gets you almost more hot and wet than me!
I think hy may be talking about, Noro, Tofutsies and Malabrigo for the last bit.

Can you name another blog?
I struggle to remember yours honey

Now, do you mind my wanting to stop at knit shops where ever we go?
Sometimes – especially if it’s not the first one that day

Do you understand the importance of a swatch?
Hello! I’m a graphic designer

Do you read my blog?
I have

Have you ever left a comment?
Once maybe?

Do you the house would be cleaner if I didn't knit?
Most definitely – no knitting mess left around (those bits of snipped off yarn left on the floor are so annoying) and more time to clean

Thank you for this insightful interview. Would you like to add anything in closure?
I do get a bit proud of the work you do esp when friends receive gorgeous gifts (like your socks) or when we get to cross the cultural barrier with you knitting overseas (like in India at the train stations)
Awww! Thats why i love hym!

Time to be a rebel

I just downloaded the pattern for Prepster, from SoySilk.

Writing on the bottom of the pattern - "This pattern is designed for use with SWTC Yarn only".
What are they going to do to me if I use another brand's yarn instead of theirs?
Send some heavies over to snap my DPNs?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I can crochet?

I really can!

Since i'm lusting over the Cyanne Bedspread, I thought i'd better learn how and it is really getting easier.

I've made 2 of the flowers (they are quite big), and last night turned my hand to making Anne, by MK Carroll.

I used Country Silk, and it didnt look quite as squishy so I frogged it. The point was, it looked like the picture! And I could understand the instructions! Woot!
I could never figure out granny-squares - but tapestry crochet? no worries.

Very happy.

Secret Pal Swap

I love what I got!

I really wanted the Eunny Jang lace gloves, and now I dont have to make them myself.

Thanks so much Intheround!


WYD Protest...
The cutest thing was talking to my nan on Monday, and she asked what I got up to on the weekend.
Me: "Oh, i went to the WYD protest..."
Nan: "The protest? What for?"
Me: "The Roman Catholic church's stance on gays, women's reproductive rights, condoms..."
I keep having this image of my nan being a conservative tech-phobic woman, even when i know its not true.
She's done a lot with her life (she dated a motorcycle riding Mod when she was younger), and i'm amazed that she's so fiesty. She's even looking at taking computing courses.
Go nan. I hope i'm as active and as cool as you are when i'm your age.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

On the neglection of housework and other such matters...

I made these Zucchini and Fetta Fritters with Corn Salsa last night, and they were yum. Left out the cummin and added chopped coriander leaves (no such thing as too much coriander). Love me some corn too.

My adventure onto maturing tastes? I never liked coriander til I met The Boi. My only experience of it (when I was 14) was coating a steak with the stuff out of a jar (like a marinade), and it was awful. My dad said it was inedible and I never touched the stuff again.

The Boi made me a salad with the leaves once, and after a dubious mouthful I was hooked. Now there are 3 herbs I buy fresh at least once a fortnight - coriander, basil and parsley. I tried growing my own but I dont get enough sun on my balcony and they looked really sad. Good thing the local asian grocers have it cheap.

Knitting content?
I'm over 70% finished my sister's wedding shawl (still on the first skein too). 2 week til the deadline, so i'm well on track - its freaking huge. 140cm long and looks gorgeous, the yarn is so soft and has a lovely drape. I'm aiming for at least 180cm pre-blocked.

I've just turned the heel of my second Noro sock too. That stripe pattern is so addictive, I keep saying "Just one more colour row, just one more and i'll put it down".

The housework is being neglected for Noro.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Gays too precious to risk in combat" Says General

'Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat,' Says General

Trust in the goodness of Brussel Sprouts

Ala Maggie Beer, i've been trying to mature my tastes (I havent progressed to VerJuice yet, but that stuff is expensive!).
I always hated pumpkin when I was a kid - but a couple of months ago I bought some and gave it a go. I've realised that a lot of my food dislikes came from the way it was cooked - boiled pumpkin IS horrible. But roasted, with maple syrup and pepitas? Yum.

I've since rediscovered a love for Brussel Sprouts. My mum used to boil them and they were awful and bitter, but they can be sweet and delicate tasting too.

So I present: Brussel Sprouts, Broad Bean and Saffron Risotto - 4 serves
(I polished it off before I could take a photo - it is YUM)

- 1 small onion, diced
- 7-8 brussel sprouts
- 2 tabs of butter and 2 of olive oil
- 2 cups of aborio rice
- 1/3 cup of white wine vinegar (or white wine)
- pinch of saffron threads
- 1 cup of (frozen) broad beans*
- 1 cup of chopped mushrooms
- 4 cups of hot stock
- half a cup of really good danish fetta, crumbled or chopped (not the low fat kind!)
- 1/3 cup of chopped parsley
- salt and pepper to taste

Cut across the base of the sprouts about 1cm in, and peel off the outer leaves. Slice vertically into 5mm thick slices. Heat big saucepan with oil and butter, and fry sprouts until they soften. Remove sprouts and pop in onion (add more oil if needed), fry until translucent. Add rice, fry for a couple of minutes until rice is translucent also.
Add white wine vinegar and saffron to deglaze the pan, stir til liquid is absorbed.
Add 1 cup of stock and the rest of the vegetables (incl sprouts), stir and let liquid absorb.
Add remaining stock 1 cup at a time, letting it absorb before adding the next.
When the last cup has been added, drop in the fetta and parsley and stir through.
Risotto is ready when its soft to your liking, and wet to your liking (some people like soupy risotto).
Add salt and pepper to taste.

The sprouts are sweet, and not bitter at all.

I love risottos so much, I make it at least once a week (and try making a different one each week too). Best bit is its enough to feed me and The Boi and still have leftovers for lunches.

*Apparently broad beans are some kind of vegetarian super food.
In one cup, there is:
10g of protein (20% of your daily), 11% of your daily iron, 5% of your calcium, 47% of your folate, as well as heaps of other vitamins.
1 cup of Brussel Sprouts has 126% of your vitamin C and 195% of your vitamin K (hehe).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Court dumps 'annoy' law

Finally, some reason.

"We can hand out what we want to hand out. We can wear our [No to the Pope]
t-shirts now and they cannot be deemed to be annoying"

My favourite line - "It is fortunate that the Federal Court has acted to uphold the basic rights of the citizens of NSW against the incompetence and excess of this State Government," she said."

I've decided I like Noro sock yarn.

This is my first ever toe up sock, and was suprisingly easy!

I originally cast on for Ziggy from Knitty, but didnt like how it was progressing. I've nearly finished the first sock - yay!
The Noro Kureyon sock yarn feels rustic, and I havent found any knots or straw so far.

(I'm just knitting 2 rounds of each colour, and did a short row heel).

The Boi called them my "Weird Hippie Socks". Spose they are.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I wonder how long this would take to make?

I am loving this bedspread from Berroco.
I want.
I need.
Can someone make it for me?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cold, so very cold.

Its freezing at the moment!
I cant believe how quickly its gotten cold overnight (it was 3 C last night in my suburb).

I even pulled out the Sienna Cardi to wear on the couch - and ended up wearing it to bed as well. So utterly warm.
I never liked the Rustic that I knit it in, but it seems to have gotten softer and developed a nicer body. Its a shame the cardigan isnt my style (i only wear it where no-one can see me), but its made me realise I need more woollen items!

Maybe I could re-knit it in another colour to make it more wearable... hmm. But I have enough on my plate already :)

Free Anti-WYD propaganda

Free downloads that can be used on bags, t-shirts etc etc.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation

Did anyone else see the report last night on ABC about bonded girl child labourers in Nepal?

In the Dang District in western Nepal, many indigenous families from the Tharu ethnic group subsist as farm laborers. Unable to make ends meet, they have been forced into a desperate trade—selling their daughters to work far from home as bonded servants in private homes or as dishwashers in tea houses. Some of these children are as young as six.

NYOF gives each family a piglet or baby goat, and looks after the girl's education (schooling, supplies, uniforms) if they agree not to sell her. At the moment, they are looking after 3,000 girls in a district in western Nepal. And it only costs $100 a year to keep a girl from being sold into virtual slavery.
Suffering abounds in a poor country like Nepal, but the flip side is that it takes so little, in developed-country terms, to make a big difference.

Its that time of year again...

Fifties Fair!
24 August, Rose Seidler House, Turramurra.

Unfortunately, I'll be in Thailand - so you'll all have to have fun without me!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Julian Morrow (from The Chaser) about the WYD laws...

First, don't be intimidated. That's what they want. Second, try to be smart about it and prepare carefully. For example, even under this awful law it's not illegal to annoy World Youth Day participants (although you can't obstruct the event) - it's only illegal to not comply with a direction to stop. With the right idea, it may be possible to make a good statement, or even just a good joke, before anyone asks you to stop.

Remember, you're not committing an offence if you have a reasonable excuse - in the end, a court will decide what's reasonable. But if you conduct yourself in a calm and sensible way and try to stick to the rules, you'll give yourself a better chance of getting away with it.

Finally, film everything for as long as you possibly can (mobile phones are great for this) and try to make sure you keep the footage. Even just seeing the ridiculous situations this law creates, and potentially the heavy-handed way it gets enforced, might help turn the tide against bad governments passing bad laws.

The rest is here...

I'm very tempted to buy a Pope Day T-shirt from Remo - "Sponser a lion for WYD - ask me how!" is awesome.

Not sick at all...

Yet covered in a rash.
Not sure why - i look a bit like i've got measles, on my chest, back and neck. Its not itchy, just bizarre.
The last time this happended was at Xmas, driving down to Geelong to see the familials. The Boi and I traced it to McDonald's hotcakes - but i definately havent had those. I got the rash Sunday, but cant think of anything different I have eated.

I've got cortisone cream (not helping) and neither is Telfast for allergies. Didnt help last time either I recall - just glad i'm not going out this weekend!

So now its time to take a poll:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What dont they sell?

Knitscene has just popped their new previews up - nice! I was a bit disappointed with the last issue, it felt like most of the knits were large gauge and a bit out there (I like out there, dont get me wrong!).

I really like the style of photography this issue, and the designs feel more complete and thought-through. Knitscene for me is about design-forward knitwear, quirky and fun - i think they came pretty close with this issue :D.

Got mine eyes on these pretties...

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