Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A way to help girls in a tiny Indian village

"Pardada Pardadi provides an education, job prospects, and a nest-egg -- enough to liberate a girl from marrying a barber at fifteen for the sake of a goat and to elevate her entire family along with her.

But the promise of the future doesn't change the reality of the present: nearly every girl at Pardada Pardadi wakes up before sunrise to go poop in the fields. "
Full story here...

PoopReport is collecting donations for the building of toilets for a lower-caste girls school, and the girl's families. For those who dont know, women in rural villages go out and do it in the fields before the sun comes up (there is no privacy, among other reasons).

So why not donate?! Even one dollar goes a long way in India.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great fabric!

Just in at Equilter

Who wants to be (semi) famous?

A reporter from Triple J magazine is coming to the Sydney Goth SnB, this Friday at 6.45pm. The problem is we didnt get much notice to hold the SnB, so the numbers might be small - anyone want to come and be photographed?
You dont have to be goth (i'm not) - just dark clothes would be cool though.

Its this Friday, starts at 6pm, upstairs at the Town Hall Hotel, Newtown. Your help would be appreciated!

And nothing makes your day like an email from Katie Himmelburg (Knitscene) in your in-box.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thats so gay...

One of my co-workers (who I quite like) just described a cook book she bought as being 'gay'.
I looked at her, and said with a jokey-smile, "Dont say that - thats horrible!".
She laughed as well, but still had an uncomprehending look on her face.
I explained further... "Well, its like saying something is so 'Jew', or so 'female'. Its just not very PC."
"Ohhhhh. "
"Yeah, my cousins say it too, dont get me started on the rant I give them, hehehe. There is nothing bad or wrong about being gay."
She looked a bit startled, but then added "Oh, well, i dont have a problem or anything, my sister in-law is one of those."
Oh dear. I gave her a funny look and she decided to stop before going any further.

The IT guy came to fix my co-workers computer and reminded me of what happended when he came last time:
He looked at me, and asked "Are you gay?"
I was lost for words briefly, then replied "Well, yes, I am, but thats a bit personal isnt it?"
He was looking for Gai, a woman who works on my floor.


Pieknits has posted a yummy Mushroom and Potato Curry recipe - I cant wait to try it out!

The Boi says his most favourite pair to date.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to knit for others I think.

After talking to The Boi about good options, i've narrowed it down to mittens for Tso Pema (as well as other things).

These mittens in fact. They were from (now defunct) Magknits, but are available on Ravelry. I'm gonna use Bendigo Rustic 8ply, in red-purple tweed. The Olympics run for 16 days, from opening ceremony to closing - it would be nice to have made 16 things to send across for some of the Tibetan refugees, nuns and monks.
I'm not sure how much time I have. The Boi is going to buy some tea-tree oils (they cant get that over in India) to send as well. Joy and Lena said that stuff is really useful for cuts etc that wont stop getting infected. I'm on the look out for cheap multivitamins too.

The Boi suggested knitting socks for the Ashram as something I can do to help my local community, which is a great idea too. But 8 ply socks. I'm not working in 4ply for that many feet! hehe...
Lastly, a message from Franklin.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I forget how quick and easy this pattern is...

My friend's birthday is in a few days, and I nearly forgot. She has big, wide hands, so I used Vintage Hues on 4mm needles (normally I use Zara on 3.25mm, looks much nicer). Posted them off now, I hope she likes.

Found a ball of Country Silk in teal - might make a pair for my sister too. She's gonna freeze when she comes here from Darwin, in the middle of winter.
Moment of Hardcore-ness (or not): on Sunday night, when we had that big electrical storm, The Boi and I went for a jog around Ashfield Park. We got very wet, but had lots of fun jumping in the puddles and spashing each other. And I found it quite scary - I admit I'm afraid of thunder (hehe).
And I just realised - its getting cold! I really need a cardigan, soon. Better re-do my queue in Ravelry, and cast on for the Radcliffe Cardigan next.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

WWKIP - June 14th

Australia, New South Wales, Sydney
Hosted by: Kris Howard
Location: Bayside Lounge, Darling Harbour
Time: 2pm
Date: June 14, 2008
How to get there: We'll be about a minute's walk from the Craft Show (which will also be going on), at the Harbourside end of the Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. You can see more details about the Bayside Lounge here:
Please bring:Your knitting! Warm layers if we decide to be outside. Money for drinks and food.
The backup plan is:We're hoping to be outside, but if the weather doesn't agree, we'll be inside the cafe, warm and toasty but still visible through the big windows.

This KIP is not knitting exclusive
There are free bathrooms available nearby

LOL for the day...

Found the funniest site - Postcards From Yo Momma. Little snippets of emails/online chats that people have with their mum...

Some funnies:
"Please cleanup your facebook. Sex, drugs, lesbian stuff, no religion. People look at that before they hire you - Pres. Bush gets reports about this stuff, too. Listen to your mother — have a little common sense for goodness sake. Have some Christian values!
Your mother"

"Please email me right away and tell me you are alive.. Thank you.Mom "

"Me: MOM!
Me: i have internet in my room!!!!
Mom: what
Mom: wow
Mom: right on mf
Me: what is mf?
Mom: my fruitcup
Me: oh of course "

"Hello, Kate. I heard a funny noise, thought it might be you. I love you. Mom "

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Damn you, Ebay!

As of June 17, the only way to pay for goods on Ebay will be PayPal or COD.

Its just another way of controlling their sellers and extracting more fees.
I.e. listing fees, final value fees and now PayPal fees.
Not to mention as a buyer, PayPal is set up to promote paying for won items through your Bank Account. Ever wonder why?
You can't do a charge back on your Bank Account, but you can on your credit card. The Boi has had a few problems with online sellers being fraudulent and PayPal being useless; so much so he doesnt buy online unless I have checked it out first, and always does it through hys credit card.

For example, say i've bought some sprockets from, and they never arrive. I've paid via PayPal (bank account option), so I dispute it. If PayPal finds in my favour they give me a refund UNLESS the seller has no money in their online PayPal account. If thats the case, I cant get anything back (this is an on-going issue on the MCY topic on Ravelry). Zero. PayPal says there is no money to give me.

So instead, I click 'change funding options' and choose credit card. PayPal throws up a 'are you sure, Bank Account is much better etc etc screen'. I pay by Credit Card anyway. If the seller is dodgy, and PayPal wont/cant help me, my bank can. Charge back time!

The lesson - always use the Credit Card option, even if its a pain in the bum. And Ebay - i'm not selling through you anymore, its too hard. Buying, well, thats another matter.

My first Anonymous Troll post!!!!

I feel like a real blogger now.

Dear Mr/Ms Anonymous Troll,

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Unfortunately, since you have chosen to remain anonymous, I cant take the time to return the favour (or rick-roll).

As per your comments, I dont agree with violence on China or Tibet's half (the only violence I agree with is the consensual kind). I never said we should use violence to make a point, but there is always that 10% of people who get carried away (or that 90% of China's military). However, if my country was invaded by a hostile force, i think i'd want to open a can of whoop-a$$ too.

I've met nuns who were raped by Chinese soldiers. I've seen the old women and men who had to walk for months to get out of Tibet. (Umm, maybe search through for all my posts labelled 'India', I have travelled). So after 08/08/08, I will keep supporting Free Tibet, as I have always done. I will continue to donate money to the Tso Pema Medical Fund when there's an emergency. And no, I dont have a bumper sticker (I dont have a car).

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Australia was invaded by Europeans 200 years ago - and we've just said sorry to the original inhabitants and try to make amends. China has invaded another country to get its natural resources, committed cultural genocide, stops free press and the list goes on. So no, I dont think China should get the Olympics until it behaves like a grown up.

I think you forget that as a Subversive, a Lesbian, and a Knitter, thats what i'm gonna blog about. Maybe save your pro-china shill for a more appropriate blog?

(off to knit and b*tch, cos apparently that's all I do)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Weddings: A comedy of errors...


Well, my close friends Tania and Jai got married on Saturday. The day was beautiful, the bride looked lovely and no one forgot the words. The Boi was official photographer, and I was, well, i'm not sure what I was. Hehehe.

There were some problems.

Firstly, the hotel they had booked to stay in the night before was hopeless! I do not recommend The Lord Nelson (The Rocks) at all! Tania had booked it weeks back, to stay the night before and the night of the wedding (its across the road from Observatory Hill). When they arrived to check in, the hotel informed them that the room was double booked. And thats it. No offer to find the bride and groom other accomodation. Jai and Tania (as well as The Boi and Ben, who were with them) were given the complete run around.

They couldnt speak to the manager, he was camping. The staff couldnt authorise finding them another hotel because only the manager could. Then they found another hotel, but it was no where near The Rocks.

The staff were unsympathetic and uncaring; at one stage they were saying it was Tania's fault for booking the wrong night - even though she had called to confirm twice, and her father had also called to confirm. You think the bride would know the date of her own wedding.
In the end, they stayed at The Harbour View Hotel, the staff were so helpful and caring it put the Lord Nelson's to shame. They offered to call Tania's hairdresser, organise taxis etc etc. And a nice room to boot.

The next morning, Ben and Jai went to move the hairdresser's car (parked in a loading zone) when Ben nudged the car that was parked up his bum. A woman got out and proceeded to scream at him - he asked if he damaged her car, she said just the number plate, so he just drove off down the road to a better place to park. It turned into a total saga, which I wont go into here.

We finally left, and Tania and Jai looked lovely. DiscoKnitter (Lara) was the celebrant, and she was awesome! (Oh, and during the Vows, a garbage truck decided to do its thing right next to the ceremony).

The Boi and I snuck some perfect wedding figurines on their cake later on....

I did make Tania's dress (6 weeks, give or take) and mine (the day before the wedding). She looked so classy, it was worth the time and effort. I stressed so much towards the end, that she'd hate it or I would wreck it. I made the stole too. :D

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Love this banner. The idea of letting China hold the olympic games is so revolting to me, and I wonder what I can do. (Besides the usual writing letters, signing petitions and going to protests).

Something different... Makes me think of the Yarn Harlots Knitting Olympics - surely there is something we crafters can do to express our dis-satisfaction and help out as well? Maybe, maybe not.

Will need thinking, I think.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cutest little cardigan...

After scoring a BARGIN on eBay (Cleckheaton Tencel Wool, 14 balls in grey) I had to justify the splurge with choosing the perfect pattern.

Ravelry, how I love thee...










Radcliffe Cardigan, from Looking Glass Knits.

Top down, fitted and based on 1940's cardigans. It has a seed stitch yoke, slightly puffed sleeves - and did I mention its top down? LOL.

Turns out I have the perfect amount of yarn too...
Although, with the Intolerable Cruelty Skirt of Doom taking forever, and other WIPs I must finish... who knows when i'll get around to making this lovely...
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