Friday, October 03, 2008

Risky Lunar Love

Sorry for the hiatus - BUT - I'm so busy at work! Strange isnt it? I'm not used to making 2 hours work stretch a whole day, and its quite nice for a change. The new job is going really well (i.e. havent f*cked up yet) and I like it.

On Thursday Emily + Clare, Kris, Tannies and I went to see Risky Lunar Love. Its kinda of a Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Little Shop of Horrors meets The Muppet Show. And then meets Blue Hawaii (Elvis movie).

I really, really enjoyed it - my only critiscm was that the music sometimes overwhelmed the actors and you couldnt make out what they said/sang.
With songs like Strap On Love and C*nt C*nt C*nt - well, no wonder we laughed all the way through it. And the outfits were great! I loved some of the dresses, gave me some great costumer ideas hehe.

I wish The Boi could have seen it with me - i know he would have related to Kikkoman, the womanising stud.... LOL

At the 'shram at the moment, the poor Boi is having a rough go of it at the moment - lots of work to be done and little time or help to do it. So I said I would go and keep him company, fetch cups of tea and provide back rubs.

Be back Sunday in time for Gurlesque! Yay!

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Emily said...

Missed you this pm.

Text me when you get back about Gurlesque, will you? Glad you enjoyed RLL, we both did too - a good laugh. Hope Fin is surviving?

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