Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I can't wait for Web-Goddess's party tonite (they're (in)famous for satirical and hilarious costumes, and weird american food).

I'll have to post photos on Monday of The Boi's and mine outfit... can't give it away just yet....
but I get to incorporate a corset into my outfit (I wish I could do that everyday).

I'm currently struggling to avoid sugar/starchy carbs at the moment - hello South Beach diet (recommended by a doctor friend of mine - must be good). I think I have lost a kilo - mainly off my feet and hands i 'spect cos its not showing up in my clothes. Its really hard, especially right now with parties and social events going on. The Boi and I went to Coogee Beach last night for a swim* and fish-n-chips, I had to bring my own dinner, no battered fish and no potatoes. Tonite will be hard too - I forgot no alcohol and there will be heaps of sugary goodness according to Kris' blog.

No sugar + no potatoes + no bread = very grumpy Bex. Poor Boi, he's trying to be supportive but I think sometimes he just wants to give me a jam sandwich.

* it was 37 degrees in the city, and we got to the beach just after that cold change came through - 20 degrees? Went swimming anyway, it was OK after your legs went numb.


Cabbage said...

weird American food? ha! what kinds of things do/did they have?

Bex said...

Candy Corn? Peeps? (actually its peeps-free this year) Chex-nutrigrain snack things... Also high fructose corn syrup in tomato sauce - that should be illegal hehehe ;)

TiNK said...

hope ur diet is going well. Dave and I are going to give it a go before we go to Bali. Don't forget to show me pics from kris's!!

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