Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello from Hua Hin~!

It is pretty boring here in Hua Hin though.
I'm trying to find things to do to keep myself amused for the 6 hours a day that The Boi is off at Tattoo School.
One of the things I've discovered is the Buchabun Cooking Course. It totally rocked! We learnt how to make red and green curry paste from scratch (and discovered why mine dont taste as nice) and made THE BEST Tom Yam Soup. So much nicer than the ones i've had at home - it was salty/creamy/sour/sweet. I cant wait to give it a go when I get back.

I liked it so much i booked in to do another on Thursday (massaman and penang curries).
It was a pleasant suprise to discover 99% of the ingredients are easily available in Ashfield Fruit World :D.
The other thing we discovered was the Blue Angel Ladyboy Show - think drag show, but with more feminine entertainers. I love drag shows and this was no exception! Whitney, Tina - it was all there. The did some comedy songs, and some traditional asian songs (with their own take on the outfits). I had a great time - but poor Fin! Hy kept getting singled out for special attention. By the end of the night he had bright pink lipstick on hys forehead, and when we were getting our photos taken with the girls, they were offering hym services in his ear! LMAO!!!

We've also discovered some great places to eat (of course) - a place that does muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast and Sara-Janes, a mix of western and Thai owned by an american woman. Its focus is on traditional Thai/Isaan food (most places here are westerised Thai). We had the best dinner there last night (crispy fried Morning Glory) and are going there for sticky rice with mango for lunch again today. Yum!

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Lara said...

Are you going to be teaching a cooking class when you get back? My kitchen is available :)

PS - finally posted the ABC Knit In pics!

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