Sunday, August 03, 2008


With 3 days to spare. And despite The Boi tripping over the stole while it was on blocking pins and knocking it apart (how you can miss a giant lace stole on the ground I dont know).

The Knittery's Silk/Merino 2ply is a joy to knit with. It blocks up to such a nice, airy finish. (The colour is more green/brown/purple in real life).

The pattern was better to work with once I'd finished about 1/4 of it - before then it was pretty confusing but I love the result and am tempted to make it again. (Magnetic place boards are a life saver).
I'm really, really happy with this stole - it's literally the longest and hardest thing i've ever made. If someone told me 3 years ago i'd knit something like this, i'd not believe it - and i'm doubly glad that I made it for my sister, who's worth the effort.

Here's some pics!


TiNK said...

yay! it's finished in time :)
See you in a couple of days, can't wait to met Fin!!

M-H said...

Absolutely stunning. Well done.

LynS said...

So lovely - even more beautiful than it was pre-blocking. I hope both the wedding and your travels go well.

Charisse said...

it's GORGEOUS! enjoy your trip :)

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