Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Bangkok holiday...

On Tuesday I decided to visit Bangkok all on my lonesome - Thailand is so easy to get around I didnt really worry about it.

Hopped on a mini bus, 3 hours and $6 later was in Bangkok and settled in my hotel. I'd heard about the Forensics Museum, at the Siriraj hospital and plotted a journey to see.
(hint, click the link and use the controller to turn right to see the bodies in cabinets)

A ferry ride and short walk later and I was there. Its pretty surreal - partly decomposing bodies in flimsy glass cabinets, babies in jars, limbs in jars, other things in jars. There is also a weird smell, kinda chemical-y, and kinda sweet. Considering that the bodies in the glas cabinets had 'drip trays' under them and wern't airtight you didnt want to dwell too long on the smell.

Afterwards I wandered around the amulet markets, and ended up at the Palace. Had a quick look, and hopped back on another river ferry to vist MBK= shopping mecca! 7 floors of stuff. Everything you can imagine: mobile phones, designer knock offs, real designer stuff, stationary, food, music etc etc.
I bought leopard fur Converse Chuch Taylor High Tops ($50!) and debated buying some more plain converse CTs, as they were $35. Then remembered I had to carry them around with me. Got some presents for people, and went on home.

Next day I got up late and went to Emporium, another big shopping centre - to go to Kinokuniya for some books. Had some lunch and caught another mini bus back to Hua Hin. Too easy.

The Boi has been tattooing hys little heart out - and will be starting hys first real person tomorrow!!! All this week has been practice on pig's skin (yuck) to get the line work right and getting used to the weight of the gun. Now for the real deal.

Kanthima also said she would do mine tomorrow as well, decided on getting the girl on my left leg reworked instead of covered. Bought some Valium from the chemist cos i'm a wuss too! At least i've seen how fast she is and know that it'll be over quickly.

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TiNK said...

sounds like you have been having fun :)
I loved MBK when I went, but Dad isn't a fan of shopping. Have you been on a tuk tuk thingo?

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