Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What dont they sell?

Knitscene has just popped their new previews up - nice! I was a bit disappointed with the last issue, it felt like most of the knits were large gauge and a bit out there (I like out there, dont get me wrong!).

I really like the style of photography this issue, and the designs feel more complete and thought-through. Knitscene for me is about design-forward knitwear, quirky and fun - i think they came pretty close with this issue :D.

Got mine eyes on these pretties...


Emily said...

Now of course I've forgotten which ones I like - but the vest is definitely one of them. Not sure re the hoody, but agree - a good issue.

When will it get here???? I don't know why looking at mags up close and personal seems better than just on 't'internet, but it does!

Bex said...

We dont get it over here :( unless you want to pay a fortune to The Wool Shack.

I normally wait for Ebay or Elann to get it :)

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