Sunday, July 20, 2008

On the neglection of housework and other such matters...

I made these Zucchini and Fetta Fritters with Corn Salsa last night, and they were yum. Left out the cummin and added chopped coriander leaves (no such thing as too much coriander). Love me some corn too.

My adventure onto maturing tastes? I never liked coriander til I met The Boi. My only experience of it (when I was 14) was coating a steak with the stuff out of a jar (like a marinade), and it was awful. My dad said it was inedible and I never touched the stuff again.

The Boi made me a salad with the leaves once, and after a dubious mouthful I was hooked. Now there are 3 herbs I buy fresh at least once a fortnight - coriander, basil and parsley. I tried growing my own but I dont get enough sun on my balcony and they looked really sad. Good thing the local asian grocers have it cheap.

Knitting content?
I'm over 70% finished my sister's wedding shawl (still on the first skein too). 2 week til the deadline, so i'm well on track - its freaking huge. 140cm long and looks gorgeous, the yarn is so soft and has a lovely drape. I'm aiming for at least 180cm pre-blocked.

I've just turned the heel of my second Noro sock too. That stripe pattern is so addictive, I keep saying "Just one more colour row, just one more and i'll put it down".

The housework is being neglected for Noro.


M-H said...

Housework, schmousework. No-one ever died from lack of housework. OTOH, a shortage of Noro knitting could lead to depression and even suicide. And the shawl is very yummy indeed.

Emily said...

I'm of the same view as M-H, +++++. Knit, woman, knit! Tidying is dull!

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