Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not sick at all...

Yet covered in a rash.
Not sure why - i look a bit like i've got measles, on my chest, back and neck. Its not itchy, just bizarre.
The last time this happended was at Xmas, driving down to Geelong to see the familials. The Boi and I traced it to McDonald's hotcakes - but i definately havent had those. I got the rash Sunday, but cant think of anything different I have eated.

I've got cortisone cream (not helping) and neither is Telfast for allergies. Didnt help last time either I recall - just glad i'm not going out this weekend!

So now its time to take a poll:


M-H said...

The aliens are winning!

Bex said...

I might have to invest in something from here -

Emily said...

Yup, it'll be the aliens, drat 'em. Tin foil hats are where it's at, I'm told. Just don't stand on the top fo buildings, you'll draw their fire!

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