Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So good it hurts...

Last night The Boi and I finally tried Guzman Y Gomez. I'm pretty sure they've been in Newtown for 18 months - we can be a bit slow sometimes.

Have to say - great food!
I had the Tofu Burrito; tofu, chillies, beans, rice and cheese in a soft tortilla with roast tomato salsa - insanely good. I'm a bit wary with chilli, but I found myself saying I could go hotter.
The Boi had the Grilled Mushroom Burrito Bowl - the same as me but without the tofu and no tortilla.
He lucked out on the serving size (everyone else seemed to have massive portions and his was quite small) but he wasnt starving so it was ok.

I spent the rest of the night wishing I could fit in another one, it was so good.

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