Thursday, June 26, 2008

No to Pope Protest

Protest the Pope's anti-queer and anti-contraception stance.
Heck, come along and protest the ridiculous amounts of money the State Government is throwing at this event.

Saturday July 19th - 12 noon at Taylor Square.

Excellent, this gives me enough time to print up some T-shirts - or I could just wear my old favourite "I'm gayer than you". Funny cos its true?

How long til I get pro-pope pro-life spammy troll comments? Starting stop watch now...

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Emily said...

I'm your resident anti-pope pro-gay spammy troll!

Sounds like a good thing - I was just reading about the various protests. Hadn't realised Pell was *such* a joy. May he need to defend his Human Rights some day!

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