Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lack of updatery

Well, nothing much has been happening thats blog-worthy!

I'm just getting over a cold at the moment - but it didnt stop me going to World Wide Knit in Public Day! OtherAndrew and Web-Goddess have some nice pics. There were officially 53 of us! Yay!

I managed to finish my GliB socks for GBoy (his birthday was yesterday) and it only took 6 months! His feet are huge + PITA pattern = took forever. Even though I published the pattern in February on Ravelry, and 11 people have made them, I've only just finished now. LOL.

I'm really exciting about my Secret Pal Swap partner - they picked the perfect person for me to knit for - but I cant say who just in case. I've started the Porphyria Mitts for her, hopefully she likes them. Thats Knittery merino-cashmere sock BTW.

My mum has just suggested that Dad would like a 'manly' lace scarf for his birthday - in 10 days time. Sigh.

I was thinking of Gust, but it might take too long. There isnt really much in the way of Man-Lace. (I did Rav-Search that, and only found one pattern). Mum said garter-stitch would be fine, but I just cant bring myself to do a garter stitch lace scarf in 2 ply silk.

The other option would be to buy a nice skein of Ranco from Tapestry Craft and do it out of that...

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