Sunday, June 01, 2008

Edward and Leather Pride

KatieV, the most wonderful, managed to wrangle The Boi and I tickets to see Edward Scissorhands at the Opera House on Friday. AWESOME.

It was great - I highly recommend it! The sets and lighting were great, and the dancers were fantastic too.
The Boi: "What?! Its ballet?!? There's no talking?!?! Are you sure about this.....?"

It was really easy to get swept away in the story - even though there was no dialogue! My favourite bit was when they were dancing with the topiary-tree people, it was magical. Really magical (and i'm a cynic usually). I loved the goth-christian family too. Very funny.

Kate got us seats in the 'Premium' section, as well as a tour of the Opera House itself. You rock!

On Sunday, Emily, The Boi and I went to Leather Pride Fair Day. Its not really a fair, its held inside a pub for one thing, and there's some shows that are too risque for your local fair!

We had a gin or two, watched the shows, watched the people, watched some nice bums in leather chaps and then retired to Betty's Soup Kitchen for dinner.
Mmmm - Emily had the nachos, The Boi had bangers and mash, and I had goulash. The waiter is always hilarous, and the food cheap.
Eating warming winter food while its raining and watching the traffic go down Oxford St is just what you want on a Sunday afternoon.
(The bread and butter pudding is divine too!)

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