Thursday, June 26, 2008

No to Pope Protest

Protest the Pope's anti-queer and anti-contraception stance.
Heck, come along and protest the ridiculous amounts of money the State Government is throwing at this event.

Saturday July 19th - 12 noon at Taylor Square.

Excellent, this gives me enough time to print up some T-shirts - or I could just wear my old favourite "I'm gayer than you". Funny cos its true?

How long til I get pro-pope pro-life spammy troll comments? Starting stop watch now...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Anyone who knows me, truly knows me, understands my love for breads. Pain, sour dough, fruit breads, el cheapo white bread - but most importantly, Indian breads.

and my most beloved... Puri!

Show Me the Curry has a recipe for Puris - cant wait to give it a go...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sarcasm is an Evolutionary Skill

This confirms something i've known all along - sarcasm is a good thing!

Neurophysiologist Katherine Rankin at the University of California, San Francisco recently discovered that sarcasm is actually an evolutionary survival skill:

More important, we run our lives by social calculation. A favor is mentally recorded and paid back, sometimes many years later. Likewise, insults are marked down on the mental score card in indelible ink. And we are constantly bickering and making up, even with people we love.

Sarcasm, then, is a verbal hammer that connects people in both a negative and positive way. We know that sense of humor is important to relationships; if someone doesn’t get your jokes, they aren’t likely to be your friend (or at least that’s my bottom line about friendship). Sarcasm is simply humor’s dark side, and it would be just as disconcerting if a friend didn’t get your snide remarks.

It’s also easy to imagine how sarcasm might be selected over time as evolutionarily crucial. Imagine two ancient humans running across the savannah with a hungry lion in pursuit. One guy says to the other, "Are we having fun yet?" and the other just looks blank and stops to figure out what in the world his pal meant by that remark. End of friendship, end of one guy’s contribution to the future of the human gene pool.

from Neatorama

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So good it hurts...

Last night The Boi and I finally tried Guzman Y Gomez. I'm pretty sure they've been in Newtown for 18 months - we can be a bit slow sometimes.

Have to say - great food!
I had the Tofu Burrito; tofu, chillies, beans, rice and cheese in a soft tortilla with roast tomato salsa - insanely good. I'm a bit wary with chilli, but I found myself saying I could go hotter.
The Boi had the Grilled Mushroom Burrito Bowl - the same as me but without the tofu and no tortilla.
He lucked out on the serving size (everyone else seemed to have massive portions and his was quite small) but he wasnt starving so it was ok.

I spent the rest of the night wishing I could fit in another one, it was so good.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lack of updatery

Well, nothing much has been happening thats blog-worthy!

I'm just getting over a cold at the moment - but it didnt stop me going to World Wide Knit in Public Day! OtherAndrew and Web-Goddess have some nice pics. There were officially 53 of us! Yay!

I managed to finish my GliB socks for GBoy (his birthday was yesterday) and it only took 6 months! His feet are huge + PITA pattern = took forever. Even though I published the pattern in February on Ravelry, and 11 people have made them, I've only just finished now. LOL.

I'm really exciting about my Secret Pal Swap partner - they picked the perfect person for me to knit for - but I cant say who just in case. I've started the Porphyria Mitts for her, hopefully she likes them. Thats Knittery merino-cashmere sock BTW.

My mum has just suggested that Dad would like a 'manly' lace scarf for his birthday - in 10 days time. Sigh.

I was thinking of Gust, but it might take too long. There isnt really much in the way of Man-Lace. (I did Rav-Search that, and only found one pattern). Mum said garter-stitch would be fine, but I just cant bring myself to do a garter stitch lace scarf in 2 ply silk.

The other option would be to buy a nice skein of Ranco from Tapestry Craft and do it out of that...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Edward and Leather Pride

KatieV, the most wonderful, managed to wrangle The Boi and I tickets to see Edward Scissorhands at the Opera House on Friday. AWESOME.

It was great - I highly recommend it! The sets and lighting were great, and the dancers were fantastic too.
The Boi: "What?! Its ballet?!? There's no talking?!?! Are you sure about this.....?"

It was really easy to get swept away in the story - even though there was no dialogue! My favourite bit was when they were dancing with the topiary-tree people, it was magical. Really magical (and i'm a cynic usually). I loved the goth-christian family too. Very funny.

Kate got us seats in the 'Premium' section, as well as a tour of the Opera House itself. You rock!

On Sunday, Emily, The Boi and I went to Leather Pride Fair Day. Its not really a fair, its held inside a pub for one thing, and there's some shows that are too risque for your local fair!

We had a gin or two, watched the shows, watched the people, watched some nice bums in leather chaps and then retired to Betty's Soup Kitchen for dinner.
Mmmm - Emily had the nachos, The Boi had bangers and mash, and I had goulash. The waiter is always hilarous, and the food cheap.
Eating warming winter food while its raining and watching the traffic go down Oxford St is just what you want on a Sunday afternoon.
(The bread and butter pudding is divine too!)
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