Sunday, May 04, 2008

Some people dont get it...

Man - those pro-china-Olympic crazies!
Yes I am a leftist liberal - thanks for stating the obvious. So i'm gonna keep on doing my leftist liberal lesbian thing (say that 10 times really fast) and you can just bite me.
Little comments on my blog will just get deleted, and sorry but your rants will not change the way I feel about China holding the olympics (or the whole Tibet issue).

Maybe since you value your opinion so much you should let me have mine, or better yet, challenge your own government to allow free speech for everyone...

(what I dont get is why the crazies leave their comments in posts that have nothing to do with the Olympics, i.e. in the 'Donate money to India' post ??? I guess being an overworked spambot, they just leave comments on the first post they find )

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