Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Knitting Gods doth frown upon me...

After knitting 7 inches of the front on my Refined Aran Cardigan, I noticed something unusual about my cable needle.
You see, when I need 2 sizes of needles for my project (i.e 3.5mms for the ribbing, 3.75mm for the body), I use one of the 'spares' as my cable needle - they are KnitPicks interchangables.

And i've just noticed the cable needle I have been using was 3.75mm.... which means the needles i'm using for the body are 3.5mm.... So I checked the gauge and its off too.

The Boi took great delight in telling me I have to frogg it.


Emily said...

oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Did the boi at least get a smack upside the head for that?

Learn to cable without a cable needle! It's faster and easier. I learned from this tutorial, if you're interested:

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