Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And now for some knitting content.

Well, I think its been lacking somewhat.
Here's the giant yarn balls I got for my 'charity' knitting.

The purply-red is for some mittens (meant for the Tibetan refugee nuns in Tso Pema - hi Chu-ie Lama!), and the orange is for some 8ply socks I said I would knit for the little old Swamis at Satyananda Ashram.
All posed nicely on my wool shawl* that I got in Rishikesh (it was made in an Ashram co-op and even though its not black with red skulls, I love it).

Is it just me or is the purple yarn mooning?
* that shawl saved me so many times in India - The Boi wrapped it around me when I was being sick over the edge of the train station platform; i used it as a pillow on the train; i wrapped it around myself with flair when going into up-market restaurants - it was great!

And here's a not-so great photo of Juno Regina.

I really wanted to finish it in time for this winter, but my sister's wedding shawl is a hard slog. The 55 row repeat is killing me, but it looks awesome. All 10cm of it hehe.
The Boi and I are going to Thailand for a couple of weeks in August, so i'll finish it off over there. Can anyone else see me sitting in a chair on the beach, Pina Colada in one hand and a tangled mess in the other???
The Boi is going for a tattoo-school course, i'm really proud of hym. He is so creative, and hys drawing skills are fantastic - I cant wait to be a canvas! Hy's also persnickety enough to make sure everything is perfect, just what you want in a tattoo artiste!
On other Boi news, hy is at the Ashram for 5 days or so, leaving me time to potter around and do stuff i've been putting off (clear out my stash room).

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