Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A way to help girls in a tiny Indian village

"Pardada Pardadi provides an education, job prospects, and a nest-egg -- enough to liberate a girl from marrying a barber at fifteen for the sake of a goat and to elevate her entire family along with her.

But the promise of the future doesn't change the reality of the present: nearly every girl at Pardada Pardadi wakes up before sunrise to go poop in the fields. "
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PoopReport is collecting donations for the building of toilets for a lower-caste girls school, and the girl's families. For those who dont know, women in rural villages go out and do it in the fields before the sun comes up (there is no privacy, among other reasons).

So why not donate?! Even one dollar goes a long way in India.

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Pardada Pardadi Educational Society said...

Thank you for publicizing the toilet fundraiser!

For more information on Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, please visit: or

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