Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to knit for others I think.

After talking to The Boi about good options, i've narrowed it down to mittens for Tso Pema (as well as other things).

These mittens in fact. They were from (now defunct) Magknits, but are available on Ravelry. I'm gonna use Bendigo Rustic 8ply, in red-purple tweed. The Olympics run for 16 days, from opening ceremony to closing - it would be nice to have made 16 things to send across for some of the Tibetan refugees, nuns and monks.
I'm not sure how much time I have. The Boi is going to buy some tea-tree oils (they cant get that over in India) to send as well. Joy and Lena said that stuff is really useful for cuts etc that wont stop getting infected. I'm on the look out for cheap multivitamins too.

The Boi suggested knitting socks for the Ashram as something I can do to help my local community, which is a great idea too. But 8 ply socks. I'm not working in 4ply for that many feet! hehe...
Lastly, a message from Franklin.


pompoms said...

Let me know what you think I should knit. I won't be watching the Olympics anyway, so will happily knit a hat/gloves or whatever (not socks) to put into your collection.

Bex said...

Hey PomPoms.
Think cold weather. Most of the people over there can knit, so thats why i've decided to make stuff for the monks and nuns who will be coming over (cos they rely on donations).
Anything you want to contribute will be welcome! I must get the Boi's act together and upload the photos of Chewie Lama (not sure of the spelling) - she rocked!

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