Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thats so gay...

One of my co-workers (who I quite like) just described a cook book she bought as being 'gay'.
I looked at her, and said with a jokey-smile, "Dont say that - thats horrible!".
She laughed as well, but still had an uncomprehending look on her face.
I explained further... "Well, its like saying something is so 'Jew', or so 'female'. Its just not very PC."
"Ohhhhh. "
"Yeah, my cousins say it too, dont get me started on the rant I give them, hehehe. There is nothing bad or wrong about being gay."
She looked a bit startled, but then added "Oh, well, i dont have a problem or anything, my sister in-law is one of those."
Oh dear. I gave her a funny look and she decided to stop before going any further.

The IT guy came to fix my co-workers computer and reminded me of what happended when he came last time:
He looked at me, and asked "Are you gay?"
I was lost for words briefly, then replied "Well, yes, I am, but thats a bit personal isnt it?"
He was looking for Gai, a woman who works on my floor.


M-H said...

Haven't your workmates noticed? :) This story reminds me of my late partner who was so out there she was almost in the stratosphere. Her car rego was GAY111. Once she drove into a car yard to look for a replacement and a salesman bounced out of the office and rushed up to her: "How're you today, Gay?" he said, sticking his hand out. She replied "It's not my name, it's a position statement." He didn't make the sale.

Ella said...

Hi Bec,
I'm thinking about making the intolerable cruelty skirt too..was thinking i might sew it actually, as knitting would make it too hot, but i just love the shape and the lace up back..sigh..
oh btw, its Justine's friend Ella again lol, you may remember me from such places as Justine's "to" field in her emails..
I re-stumbled on your blog when i was searching for karabella yarn suppliers in australia. I saw Xotic Yarns sold in, and then when I searched them, one of your posts said they closed down :( but i was like woah! and you were like woah! and then you were like wooah.. Sorry too much finding nemo. anyway i figured it was a sign from the godesses..know where i can get karabella yarn from in australia? it takes too long from overseas
that radcliffe cardigan is ridiculously cute..it demands playing dress ups! Sorry to hear you have a close minded co-worker. and i loled at your gay/gai story!! very funny!!
so if you know of anywhere i can purchase some karabella, or a good substitute for it..lemme know yeah?
have fun :)

Candice said...

Hahah, that is so funny. Are you gay ?... when it was gai.. it was put in such a perfect sentence. it is funny you have to admit.

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