Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My first Anonymous Troll post!!!!

I feel like a real blogger now.

Dear Mr/Ms Anonymous Troll,

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Unfortunately, since you have chosen to remain anonymous, I cant take the time to return the favour (or rick-roll).

As per your comments, I dont agree with violence on China or Tibet's half (the only violence I agree with is the consensual kind). I never said we should use violence to make a point, but there is always that 10% of people who get carried away (or that 90% of China's military). However, if my country was invaded by a hostile force, i think i'd want to open a can of whoop-a$$ too.

I've met nuns who were raped by Chinese soldiers. I've seen the old women and men who had to walk for months to get out of Tibet. (Umm, maybe search through for all my posts labelled 'India', I have travelled). So after 08/08/08, I will keep supporting Free Tibet, as I have always done. I will continue to donate money to the Tso Pema Medical Fund when there's an emergency. And no, I dont have a bumper sticker (I dont have a car).

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Australia was invaded by Europeans 200 years ago - and we've just said sorry to the original inhabitants and try to make amends. China has invaded another country to get its natural resources, committed cultural genocide, stops free press and the list goes on. So no, I dont think China should get the Olympics until it behaves like a grown up.

I think you forget that as a Subversive, a Lesbian, and a Knitter, thats what i'm gonna blog about. Maybe save your pro-china shill for a more appropriate blog?

(off to knit and b*tch, cos apparently that's all I do)

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And so say all of us!

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