Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Damn you, Ebay!

As of June 17, the only way to pay for goods on Ebay will be PayPal or COD.

Its just another way of controlling their sellers and extracting more fees.
I.e. listing fees, final value fees and now PayPal fees.
Not to mention as a buyer, PayPal is set up to promote paying for won items through your Bank Account. Ever wonder why?
You can't do a charge back on your Bank Account, but you can on your credit card. The Boi has had a few problems with online sellers being fraudulent and PayPal being useless; so much so he doesnt buy online unless I have checked it out first, and always does it through hys credit card.

For example, say i've bought some sprockets from, and they never arrive. I've paid via PayPal (bank account option), so I dispute it. If PayPal finds in my favour they give me a refund UNLESS the seller has no money in their online PayPal account. If thats the case, I cant get anything back (this is an on-going issue on the MCY topic on Ravelry). Zero. PayPal says there is no money to give me.

So instead, I click 'change funding options' and choose credit card. PayPal throws up a 'are you sure, Bank Account is much better etc etc screen'. I pay by Credit Card anyway. If the seller is dodgy, and PayPal wont/cant help me, my bank can. Charge back time!

The lesson - always use the Credit Card option, even if its a pain in the bum. And Ebay - i'm not selling through you anymore, its too hard. Buying, well, thats another matter.


M-H said...

But doesn't Paypal charge more for credit card payments ? They used to, but that may have changed.

Bex said...

Hmm - i know it costs more for the seller, not sure what fees involved for the buyer.
I'd still pay by credit card for a vendor i wasnt sure of, better protection through your own bank.

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