Monday, March 31, 2008

How I came out.... and other funny stories...

After looking at a thread on Ravelry, I thought I'd share how I came out - or was outted, as it were.

When I was 19, I had my first major girlfriend (i.e. longer than 6 weeks). My parents had moved to Darwin the year before, leaving me to keep a watch over my younger 18 yr old sister.

Xmas was upon us, and with having no family in the state we were invited to share it with my girlfriend and her family. The day started OK, but my sister got progressively drunker and drunker (my girlfriend's seedy older brother cracking onto her didnt help either) so we decided to take her home.

Later that night I get a timid (and slurry) phonecall from my sister....

Sis: "Bec, you're gonna kill me...."
Me: "Why? What did you do?"
Sis: "Umm. I kinda, well, outted you to mum.."
Me: "....."
Sis: "Well, I was upset, and mum rang me to wish me merry christmas, and she asked where you were."
Me: "What did you tell her???"
Sis: "That you were at your lesbian girlfriends house. And you are a lesbian."

Actually, i didnt mind my mum (and her side of the family) knowing about it. I knew dad would freak (to be expected) - I was only concerned how nan would take it. We were (and are) really close and I didnt want that to change.
Nan was really great - she said i'll always be her granddaughter no matter what, and i'm the same person I was yesterday.
Mum became pro-active in her own way in Darwin - she put up a Pride sticker in her work, and wore rainbow badges. She's also become really aware of who is GLBTQ in her community (I think before it just wouldnt have blipped her radar).


Emily said...

Interesting. My Mum found it harder than my Dad (for about 6 months).
Great not having to come out yourself - did you thank your sister???

Candice said...

haha. that is so funny. i have no idea to even try to explain mine, that would be an interesting blog. haha.

drunk people talk to much eh? lol

Kris said...

Hahaha... I want to meet this sister someday. :)

Just - Bex' sister said...

Great - make me sound like an alcoholic!!

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