Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Year of the Sock

2008 is going to be my year of the Sock.
Too much sock yarn stash, too many sock patterns in my Ravelry queue. Its a mess! The aim is to try and finish one pair of socks a month, but in reality it will probably be one pair every 2 months. (Socks I design for other people dont count ;D).

I dont really want to do much in the way of New Years Resolutions, and not buying yarn is pretty impossible with me (i.e. Live2Knit has 25% off everything at the moment, and I just reworked my food budget for the next fortnight so I could buy some laceweight. I only now realise how tragic that sounds.)

THE LIST (of doom)

1. Snicket Socks (from MagKnits), in The Knittery slim merino, 'Petals' pink colourway. For me. Tre girly. ;D

2. Carolina (by MonkeyToes), in Lincraft HotSocks - my flatmate would love another pair for her birthday - these are it. Umm... the link is expired but I have these printed out.

3. Fawkes (by MonkeyToes), in Noro? Not sure.

4. Spiral Eyelet Socks

5. Wyvern Socks (by Marnie Mclean), I just love the dragon-scales effect. Some yummy green Lornas Laces for this one.

6. Nagini (by Monkey Toes)

7. Twinkleberry (by Knitzi)

8. Marilinda (by CookieA)

9. Primavera Socks

I think that will do for the moment.... I just cast on a pair of basic rib socks for The Boi, in a 70's inspired self-strip yarn from Lincraft - its all browns, yellows and oranges - he really likes it. They'll be my first month socks (hopefully), and all ready for hys birthdayin March.
I also have the 2nd Varanasi sock half finished - once i've done that one I can start on The List of Doom.

Off to collect my Noro Sock-Crack from the TC Snb tonite - cant wait!

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Cecilia said...

My sock stash is getting a bit out of control too! And I totally understand the need for lace. I think the fact that I don't count sock and lace yarn as stash accounts for the size of my stash! Ah--the excuses we come up with!

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