Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Secret Pal Bag Swap

I love the whole concept - stalking someone and then sending them stuff they like while someone does it to you.

Ok, maybe its just the stalking bit that I like (hehehe).

I'm thinking this bag from Yarn Mag for my pal - i've longed to make a felted bag and nows my chance. She has kids, so the bag is big enough to put books, pencils etc in. I'm going to line it and put extra pockets inside for more storage options.
Maybe make it a bit bigger too...

Its all very exciting - cant wait to start (maybe in Feb, too much on the plate right now).


spiraling said...

I love that bag, awesome.

I think I'll make something felted too, I have plenty of ideas.

Michelle said...

Great bag! I'm still trying to find a good pattern.

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