Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I love plants - i love growing things.
I also love this place for buying organic and heirloom seeds! Hopefully the ones i wanted will grow on my balcony...

I've ordered Purple King Climbing Beans (purple! beans! yay!), Amish Paste Tomato (supposed to be one of the best for sauces), Welsh Red Stem Onions (like a spring onion with red stems), Rainbow Silverbeet, Mammoth Basil and Coriander. Oh and dwarf Foxglove (i've always wanted to grow it, but having pets around isnt a good idea).
Now, before people get ideas, I dont plan on growing 20 of everything on my poor balcony. I want to grow maybe one or 2 at a time in pots, and hang a lot of the pots over the edge of the balcony. The Boi thinks i'm crazy.

But look!

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ARJ said...

Rainbow chard (silverbeet) is delicious! We sometimes get it from Alfalfa House co-op & I have a good recipe for it-- let me know if you want it!

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