Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Better get my New Years stuff sorted

I've been thinking long and hard, so here we go:

1. Once i've moved, take up walking around Ashfield Park for excercise. (The Boi says its also a beat - so i might get lucky too hehe)

2. See more films and cultural activities this year. (Already started on this one, if Margaret Cho can be counted as a cultural activity)

3. Try and finish off most of my UFOs or frogg them.

4. Work on personal growth - and meet more people. Expand my group of friends.

5. Spend less on yarn (kinda blew this one already)

6. De-clutter and de-stash. I have too much stuff.

7. Get the guts to join ROLLER DERBY GIRLS!!! Oh man I want I want I want. I can't roller skate though.


Skud said...

1) Margaret Cho is definitely cultural!

2) Roller Derby = teh h4wt. Go for it!

Kris said...

Oh man. I've got the skates. I've got the skates! When I was living in London, I spotted The Skates at Camden Markets. Pristine white ladies' proper roller skates. They cost me twenty quid. I lugged them halfway around the world to Sydney, where they sit in my closet to this day.

What size shoe do you wear? :)

Bex said...

9.5 ladies ;)

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