Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Anyone whos seen The Simpsons Movie will know what I am talking about - I have the 'choral' version of Spider-Pig stuck in my head... Pretty funny movie, we all did enjoy it.

Funniest/weirdest bit was actually lining up.
The Boi likes to get there early - read he HAS to be the first one in, so we always get there an hour - 45 mins before hand. Which is good for our other friends who want to get icecreams.
So we are lining up, and the cleaners are in there picking up the popcorn boxes etc. The queue already is around the corner, down the stairs...
This guy walks straight past us and into the cinema - The Boi goes to say something and I'm like, its OK, the cleaners will tell him to leave.
Well, 10 mins later they kick him out and he comes and stands right in front of The Boi at the head of the queue - not a good idea.

The Boi : (quite friendly) "Excuse me mate, the end of the queues back there..."
Rude Guy: snooty french accent "Am I talking to you? I think not..." turns his back
The Boi: "Look mate, we've been here for 45 mins you cant just stand in front of us!"
By this time the guy's girlfriend walks up, and is trying to get him to move to the end as well.
Rude Guy: " What is your problem? I can do what I like! Do not talk to me!"
Me: (time to stand up for my Boi!) "Wanker!"
So the Boi and I start to complain to each other about the rudeness of some people, and the girlfriend is getting really pi$$ed off with her guy (not us) and they have this major arguement in French - in the end she just storms off and goes to line up at the end. The Rude Guy storms off after her and grabs her arm really roughly. We thought he was gonna hit her, and my Boi said he better not try it!!!! (awww he's so butch!)

Realising that the Ridiculous Indian Adventure is so close, I managed to use my limited HTML skills to add a count down clock to my side bar.
I really cant wait to go!
At first I was a bit down on the whole idea, (i dont like crowds, smells, dirt, and lets just say testoserone charged environments make me feel distinctly uncomfortable). I realised that getting out of my comfort zone and surrendering to the chaos of India is going to be really funny!
For me, the most stressful bit is getting all the shots i need - i have a big phobia of needles (yes, really). When i go to the dentist and need anasthetic she gives me Valium to take before hand.
YAY for oral vaccines! Too bad the only one I can have orally is Typhoid :(.

The plan is :
Shimla (mountains - all the way to Lucknow)
Rewalsar (staying with Joy for 4-5 days)
Rishikesh (white water rafting)
Agra (the Taj Mahal)
Udaipur (dinner at the palace in the middle of the lake!!)
Bikaner (Camel trek!)
Delhi (time to go home)

Getting to Shimla is going to be great - you catch this tiny toy train up the mountains - it goes through 103 tunnels! Shimla itself used to be the summer capital of the British Raj, so it looks like little England.

Things to pack:
Mossie Repellant
Sock Yarn.....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lots of randomness

First up: Vogue Knitting has 10 free patterns on its website at the moment - click here. I'm warning you - they are a bit Supre-eque.... blargh. Sorry to any one who loves them! hehehe...

2nd: Knit-In rocks. I've never been before but it was fun! Web-Goddess has the best round up, and we got on TV!! hehe... Next year = bring booze!

(From the left, me, Lara, Miss Fee, Kris)
Mental note for next year - maybe bright red hair isnt the way to go - it attracted ALOT of attention. But I was easy to see in the crowd hehehe...

3rd: I finished the Tear Drop Scarf from the latest KnitScene.

I used The Knittery's Silk Merino 2ply, in Amethyst.
Some stuff to be aware of if you're making this baby - when it says cast off loosly, do so! I mean so loose, looser than you ever have before. I was making 1/2 inch loops and casting those off, i think i still could have gone looser.
There are also pattern errors on the rows that consist of eyelets. It basically tells you to make eyelets to the end of the row = wrong. You need to stop when you get to the YOs of the prev row, and then knit to end. Otherwise it looks weird (trust me). I email Interweave 2 weeks ago but no reply yet.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Knitty Extras up


I actually like Emerald Seas - is that my masochistic streak showing again???


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Knitting Needle Bangles!

This one time, at Knitting Guild, I saw a chick with one of these bracelets...
I wanted one soooo bad, but she got it from her sister in Brisbane.
But now - heres instructions!!!!! Must. Resist. Making. Them. Now. (I mean at work. I can get boiling water, and I have some needles with me - hehehe).
*******UPDATE***** instructions have been removed because an 'artiste' in the US makes them, and threatened the Tutorial Author. Anyone want a quick run-down on how to make them go here http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Toothbrush-Bracelet - its pretty much the same thing.******
BTW I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan. Well, I liked the movies, and havent read the books. I dont quite get the craziness.
So I borrowed my flatemate's copy of the Deathly Hallows and flicked to the last chapter.
Dont forget the ABC Knit-In this friday morning - an early early 6am.... I will be going yay!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I do loves me a red bag

From Kinokuniya

Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of my favourite movies (got to love B-Grade B+W horror) so I couldnt pass up this gorgeous tote! Its my new knittin' bag.

And now some gratutious yarn pr0n...

This is the giant yarn cone I got from Glebe markets - its over a kilo! Its a 5ply rainbow variagated 100% italian wool - handwash only. And for $20 thats a bargin! Its going to be perfect for baby clothes I think - heck, I just cant walk past cheap yarn.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Flu Status : Feelin Better

Well, enough that I dont feel nauseous all day - what with that?
Google says nausea can be caused by blocked ears, so thats my vote.

It was my sister's birthday last week, I spent hours trying to finish Isabella (from Hell) to send to her.
Then I noticed,
Gee, that V-neck isnt very symmetrical, its about an inch off centre. NOOO!
So I have to frog all the way down past the waist shaping and try again. Its sitting in a pile, giving me the evil eye.

In the meantime I've cast on the Baby Suprise jacket (in my generic rainbow cone-from-hell yarn), and the Teardrop Scarf from the latest Knitscene Fall 2007.
I think there is some errors in the pattern though, I sent IK an email, i'll wait and see.
I frogged the Branching Out scarf to make this one - BO is not easy!

And now for some book reviews (Kinokuniya has its latest shipment in)...

Knitting Lingerie Style, by Joan McGowan-Michael

I love this book - its terrific! I was thinking it was going to be full of tacky outfits and not-practical designs but I was way off.
You can really tell that Joan is a fashion designer - she goes to a lot of effort to explain proper finishing techniques - i.e. lining the bra-cups, why a certain seam is needed here etc etc.
A lot of the projects are made with Cascade Fixation, (which you can get from Yarns Online) but I reckon Harmony Breeze would be a good substitute. The designs range from flirty skirts, fitted tank tops through to knitted bra and undies (proper, lined and underwired bra!). Sizes go up to a 50-inch bust for some designs too ;).
Its on my To-Buy list at the Book Depository.

Punk Knits: 26 Hot New Designs for Anarchistic Souls, by Share Ross

Just keep moving along the book shelf and dont pick it up. I'd heard mixed reactions about this book, and i'm going to side with the negatives on this one. Dropped stitches and novelty yarn does not a punk knit make.

Pretty in Punk: 25 Punk, Rock and Goth Knitting Projects, by Alyce Benevides

This ones not too bad. The designs are well thought out (those intarsia charts rock!) if a bit simple. Her felted knit hats are quite cool, and there is a little knit argyle skirt that is to die for! Wouldnt mind a copy of this book, or maybe just borrow it from the library :).

Runway Knits, by Berta Karapetyan

Another keep-walking. All of the designs use Karabella Yarn (but the author runs the company I think), and are pretty ordinary. I couldnt find one design in there I would like to knit or wear. The sizing is a bit small as well (a Large is 38 inch bust). Stick to buying Vogue Knitting Magazine if designer knits is what you're after.

Well, I'll probably be at the Tapestry Craft SnB tomorrow night, and SSK on Saturday - maybe will see you all there ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Kill me now.

Worst. Flu. Ever.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Witty Knitter had her LOLCATs.....

I have my stuffonmymutt!

This is Middy, now residing in Perth....

Secret Pal 11 Sign ups open


Unfortunately, I'll be in India for half of it so I cant participate.... :(

Yarn Pr0n!!!!! And other madness....

I got this on Friday....

It contained all this lovelyness! Thank-you secret pal!

Package contained 40 packets of Kool-Aid for dyeing! 2 skeins of Malabrigo! Minty-chocolate goodness!!! (I have gorged myself on Junior Mints, and am now paying for it). A POUND cone of Peaches and Creme (which dyes up beautifully I've just found), and 2 balls of Sugar n Cream!

Here's a closeup of the Malabrigo - now to find a pattern worthy of it!

What of my weekend - it was fabulous! Full of yarn, and knitting with friends. Friday night I went out to dinner with The Boi, my favourite uncle and my cousin - Tamana's Indian food - yummo! Took them to the Glebe Markets the next day, and got The Giant Yarn Cone From Hell. Well, it would be but its rainbow coloured. Will post a photo soon!
Went to SSK later on and had a lovely time. Thanks to Kerry, who increased my yarn stash by 2 skeins of hand-dyed, hand-spun, peruvian laceweight, and one skein of worsted.

And ended the weekend on a great note - Courthouse SnB with my lovely fellow knitters. Even wangled the recently converted Benji to come as well (he's knitting a Slytherin Scarf). Then off to The Boi's place for roast.
Except this morning I have woken up with a cold!!! :(

Thursday, July 05, 2007

International Parcel waiting to be picked up

Note left in my letterbox.....

International Parcel - could it be from my Secret Pal???? yay! Got to get it tonight....

(The Boi is hoping its his Dunny toy from the UK :P)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No title today thanks

Well, i was zooming along on the Isabella top for my sister, 2 inches of lace done!
Then I realised that I made a mistake - a symetrical mistake, but noticeable. Gotta frog it back 3 rows to fix it. 4ply + 3mm needles x frogging = painful.

So i've picked up the socks I keep meaning to finish.

Here is one I prepared earlier....
I really really love partridge heels for variagated yarn - it looks so yum!
Also did a few rows on the EB cardi... getting there.... slowly....
Secret Pal reveal!!! Gerard has just emailed and said he got my parcel! He'll put up picks later,,,,

Monday, July 02, 2007


OK people!
Please friend me cos I forgot all your user IDs - I'm Bex (of course!)

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I'm a big fan of The Knittery. I've calculated that i've spent well over $500 at her online store in the past year, and love the yarns and service.
I'm just not sure how much more i'll be buying from them - their Cashmerino sock has gone up to $25 a 105g skein. With postage, thats $28 for a pair of socks.

My limit is $20ish for socks, not including postage - that means it now costs the same to buy 2 skeins of Lornas Laces (or Cherry Tree Hill) from emtnestr on Ebay as it does to buy my favourite sock yarn.

I may still buy her DK silk merino though - I got a whole lace scarf out of one skein.

Another huh? moment is the Katia yarn in Spotshite - theres a new one, I think its called 'Scotch' that looks and feels *just* like Rowan Summer Tweed. Had a silk content too! Only prob was it came in apple green or teal - both colours I love, but never wear... If only it came in cherry!!! $10.95 a ball wasnt bad either, considering I can layby there too ;)

Hola Chica!

YAY! One glove down... These are the first gloves (with fingers) i've ever made. The second glove will look so much better, now I've perfected the art of picking up stitches between the fingers (only 2? I dont think so). The most perfect buttons ever can be found at the button shop in Newtown.

Something to note with this pattern:
- It says to pick up 2 stitches between the fingers - try 3 or 4 to get the gaps to close. I had to do some magic weaving to get rid of the gaps.
- There is an error in the instructions for the 2nd glove - Row 5. It says "Knit 33, BO 29. Row 6 = knit." Umm.... unless i'm mistaken, ending a row on cast-offs would require you to break the yarn, and then re-join it back on the 33rd stitch in order to turn the work to knit it...
- The nice M1 shaping that is on the right glove is not so nice on the left one. It could just be my way of increasing though (picking up the stitch from the row below and knitting into the back of it).

In other news - here is my skull dress in the works.... I actually attached the skirt part last night, then realised my zipper was too small.

The dress is a bit too sacky for my liking, I may re-do part of the waist band to give it more shape :).
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