Thursday, June 28, 2007

Motorcycle Chica Gloves

Did you know I have my full motorcycle licence? I cant actually ride a motorbike (but I can ride a moped/scooter). It was due to a stuff-up at the RTA that I got it. Its a long story, for another time.

Its freakin cold in Sydney at the moment - The gloves, they do nothing!!!! (10 points if you can guess where that quote came from). So its time to put down my WIPs and cast on for the Motorcycle Chica Gloves from Interweave.

I'm using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in black (after many false starts) and 3.25mm needles (stoopid gauge). So far, so good.

My sister's Isabella top is coming along nicely - i'm about 1/3 finished the front, and the back is done as well. I may even finish it in time for her birthday on the 13th....
Working with 4ply on 3mm needles has made me a bit masochistic - i'm now contemplating a cardigan, knit out of Grignasco Bambi - somebody kill me! But it would have skulls. Many skulls....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things I learnt today

At the Craft Fair.

-Decopage is making a big comeback (according to the Decopage Guild of NSW). Yes, really.

- Mohair, bat-wing jumpers never really went out of style (according to the Knitting Guild). See below for proof.
- Many people want to buy Bedazzlers, and glue shiny things onto jeans.
- Not many men are into crafting.

- Quilting is a big deal. And Japanese fabrics are HOT at the moment.

Here is David, and Kate, both representing the Blue Mountains Knitting Guild. Behold the yellow mohair batwing jumper (behind David) in all its magnificence. Gasp in wonder at the knitted surf-life-saver doll's outfit, (behind Kate), complete with knitted thongs.
I know it was beyond words for me...
It did tickle my funny bone a little bit. The Weavers and Spinners Booth is pretty damn awesome though. I was really intreagued by some of the more modernish quilts - it made me want to take up quilting right there and then! But i need another hobby like a hole in the head.
I did leave with 3 bottles of dye for wool, 1 ball of Tofutsies sock yarn, and 6 balls of a wool/cotton sock yarn from Bendigo. Prestige Fibres is worth a visit if you want to buy up big on some of their cheap Eki Riva (and Kris - I did hear him plug Tapestry Craft heheh).
Food is sooo expensive - bring your own. Really. $7.50 for a tiny bread roll with 2 bits of tomato and some cheese.
I fell in love with Cavalcade, its a collection of historic Australian fashions, drool drool....
All in all, a pretty nice day if a bit overwhelming...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dont judge me!

This rag mat is for my flatmate - its not mine!!!
This is a Mason-Dixon inspired number for my flatmate, who's entire house is just that little bit country....
And yes, I did indeed forget to trim some of the stringey bits, but she wanted to use it so bad i left them.

Its made by cutting up strips of fabric (this case, navy broadcloth, calico and a vintage sheet) into 2cm strips, tieing them together and knitting with it.

I cast on about 75 sts using a 10mm needle, and knit garter the entire way. Just tie in the new colour when you want it and dont weave in the ends.....
Its very sproingy and absorbent!!

Last night I cut out the pattern for this, the one on the left.

I was thinking black satin detail, with the body in black w/pink dots fabric, would look good. So i'm about to lay out the pieces and I notice the front is cut on the bias - d'oh!! Not good for evenly spaced polka dots.
Might have to go get some plain black and have a go with that.
Just means I now have an excuse to start on the skull-dress yay!
BTW - Off to the Craft Show on Weds with Disco-Knitter (Lara) any other takers???
Also - the new Knitscene preview is up with yarn requirements... another issue I must have!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lornas Laces and other drugs

I promised a fellow knitter at SSK that I would post the link to Ebayer emtnestr - she sells Lornas sock for $20 (Aus) for 2 skiens, and about $8 (Aus) for postage. Thats right. 2 skiens for under $30!!!!
She also sells Cherry Tree Hill mill ends as well.....

Huzzah!! I finally found somewhere online that sells 2 purty McCalls patterns that I cant get over here in OZ.

Imagine, if you will, this number in a skull print fabric and red trim/accents.... maybe even a cherry print...

Or this one in tattoo-print rockabilly fabric, just below knee-length....

I have so much sewing I want to do at the moment - but not enought time. Maybe if I get home before my flatmates i'll have time to cut out the pattern.
Not forgetting the millions of knitting projects happening too ;).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Arm splits!

YAY! Just divided for the arms last night and *finally* got to try it on!
Sorry for the silly face and messy hair - I just got back from the Tapestry Craft SnB....
It does fit, albeit a little tight across the bust. I've decided to increase 2 stitches under each arm a few times to make it fit a bit better.
The collar stands up nicely, and i'm glad i've decided to knit the front bands as I go. The yarn is a bit splitty, but should be ok. (BTW this is how far one of those giant 200grm balls from Bendigo Mills got me!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Secret Pal Bonanza

Well - I hope he thinks so!!
Here is my final Secret Pal package - the 2nd parcel (sock + lace yarn) was lost in the mail, so I got him some KnitPicks to make up for it.
Items are: Wool/Silk from Mystical Creations, Wool/Silk from The Knittery, Beer-cap stitch markers from Etsy, my hand-made DPN roll (using Kaufman fabrics!), KnitPicks 3.75mm + 4mm points with a 80cm cable and their magnifying gauge.

I hope he likes them. He did ask for no hand made items, but thats a red-flag to a bull! I think the DPN roll looks really good, and so did The Boi. (He also whinged that he has a backlog of stuff I am supposed to sew for him hehe).
Here are some close ups of the roll...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair

June 27 - July 1
Sydney Exhibition Centre
Halls 1, 2 and 3
Darling Drive
Darling Harbour, Pyrmont NSW

Some of the knitting exhibitors are Bendigo Mills, Belisa Cashmere, Australian Knitting Mills, Dyeman Pty Ltd, Ecoyarns, Prestige Fibres, Signatur Handknits and Yarns Galore.
They will also have a Lutterloh stand!!! Excellent!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Floods, mud, and wet books (the horror!)

Well, as some of you might be aware, the Gosford area in NSW was declared a state of emergency because of the flooding.

The Boi's ashram looking like this (thats a 2 storey building in the photo, and you can see the education building's roof on the far left).

We went up there this weekend just gone to help clean up the damage. The water got to 6 feet high in some places. They had to shovel the mud out by hand, and then use fire hoses to get rid of the dirt.
The Boi and I helped sort out their bookroom (a major source of their income). For a book lover, it was horrible!
Thick, hardcover books full of beautiful coloured pictures of Indian gods/goddesses had to be thrown away. Lovely children's books - in the bin.
We had industrial blowers in there trying to dry everything, but every last thing got water damaged. Hopefully the insurance will cover it, but they may not because it was a combination of river flooding and rain water flooding. I feel pretty bad for them.
I finished the Fetching mitts while I was there, and the girl I made them for loved them.
The swami who runs the place has asked me to knit a really soft beanie and a pair of socks for their guru, he comes over from India at Easter next year. I said ok :).
My flatmates, the Boi, and I went to Tamana's Indian food last night, and it was really really nice. Then we got gelati and sat in the park on the swings and just talked. I havent done that for years, and just something so simple was really enjoyable. Then we had a piggy-back race - I had to carry the Boi, and Tania had to carry Jai. LOL.
Talked myself into going to the gym this morning, and am really glad I did. Tis gonna be a nice day, I can feel it in me bones!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

yarn sales and such nonsense...

OK - Yarns Online have all their Wildfoot sock yarn reduced, most of the cool colours are gone already though. Their CottonFine is reduced too.... I bought some Ragtime as a gift for a fellow knit-blogger whom I will meet up with in October in India... ;)

Went to the Tapestry Craft SnB with all intents on taking photos, and promptly forgot.

I managed to do a few more rounds of the EB (400 sts or so per round is killing me, killing me softly with its yarn....LOL). I've put it down to work on the Fetching mitts for a yogi-type-hippy-person at the 'shram, I managed to just about finish 1 mitt in 3 hours. Need to do the thumb. I'm using Filatura Di Crosa Zara in Dull Burnt Orange (or Ashram Orange as I call it).

I have to get the recipient to try them on before I make the other one = an excuse to start my Motorcycle Chica gloves!

D'oh and I remembered I have 1 month to finish my sister's Isabella top - 4ply cotton, never again!

I'm having weird sleep things that are taking over my life. Thats what it feels like anyway. When I sleep my legs jerk, and I toss and turn. Its apparently related to sleeping disorders and breathing. But lately, i've been getting the knee jerks during the day. Its like someone taps your knee to test your reflexes, but no-ones tapping my knee! (Ghost knee-tappers??)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm back....

Melbourne was awesome, and where we stayed was great (Lygon St, Brunswick). I behaved myself, and only bought 1 ball of yarn, from an Op-Shop, that was $1.30!

The drive isnt that bad, its just long. As we crested a hill about 10.30am in the morning (30kms before Gundagai) we saw this huge fog bank, just sitting there.

It was amazing!

One thing I love about Melbourne is the culture and atmosphere. The graffiti rocks. Its soulful. I saw one that said "I love winter. The wind blows and strips away my soul."
I took a photo of this (BTW the texta says "The sentiments of bourgeoise gits reminds me that most art is sh*t")

We stayed with the Boi's friends, Lineke and Juno (from Amsterdam) in their huge studio apartment. Our bed was right near the pot-belly stove so I got to go to bed toasty each night.

The Boi finally got to meet some more of my family - my fav uncle, my great uncle and my cousin (as well as Nan) who all drove into Melbourne from Geelong. We had dinner in an alright Italian restaurant (I wanted to go to Lentil As Anything hehehe). Nan was in fine form after a double brandy, and split a bottle of wine with me. Shes still rockin on for a 79 year old!
Also got to hang out with my bestest mate, and we went to a cool queer club called Upstart Alley - Sparkarella was great! It was worth the entry fee just to see her.

Monday night we went to an AWESOME vegetarian restaurant called Shakahari (vegetarian in Hindi). Cant recommend it enough - super friendly wait-staff, fantastically flavoured food and nice atmosphere. They did these awsome entrees; avocado, wrapped in eggplant and fried in tempura batter - yummo! The dumplings were kick-a$$ too!

We left late on Tuesday morning (about 10am) to drive back. It took 11 hours including breaks and op-shop stops. Our op-shop tour of Australia continues.....

The Boi took this photo of me on the Otway submarine in Holbrook (400km from the coast) during one of our break stops....

We cant wait to go back again! In knitting content, I have done heaps on my Elizabeth Bennet Cardi, after a false start, and finished the cabled beanie (seen in one of the photos above). I found out that the sock pattern I had designed for a knitting magazine is no longer needed (they may not be doing another issue) so I havent touched it in disgust. I may finish it, I may frog it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Last post for a while...

Although, I was going to title this "I'm a masochist".
I just got my 2ply merino laceweight (dont worry, I ordered it a while back) from The Knittery. LOVE!

Its actually got more black in it - the colourway was special-special made for me, called Blackberry! Its black, red and grey.
I want to make really thin gloves and was thinking 2ply would be the perfect weight.
Now i think maybe I may double-strand it. Still havent decided as yet.
The Boi and I leave tomorro for Melbourne. I think a visit to The Wool Baa and Sunspun is in order. No to mention the awesome fetish shops!
So we shan't be back until Wednesday next week.... Hope you all have a noice weekend!

Monday, June 04, 2007


If you havent seen Web-Goddess's WWKIP poster - CHECK IT OUT!!!

Too cool for words (that graffiti is priceless)

Argh and Yay.

Argh = I thought I had better lift my game and work on the sleeve of my Dollar and a Half Cardigan. Did a few more rows, and noticed that the sleeve was really, well, triangular. I counted the stitches and had 90 (after only doing 3 increase rows). I was meant to have about 69 or so.

Ripped it back. Not sure how I did it - as I have the right amount of stitches on the needles now, i'm just gonna knit it straight to the armpit. The wrist ribbing draws it in heaps anyway.

Yay = I love this, from Fitted Knits.

I am also a realist. Chunky/voluptuous girls dont look good in short cardigans, with cables. I also dont have enough yarn hehe.

I have 800g of Bendigo Classic in Tuscan Red - a really nice, cherryish red (too bad its crepe, but i have to use my stash). Not enough to make this whole thing with cables (according to the schematics - 2100m for the whole thing, i have 1600m), but, I'm going to remove the waist ribs, and the body cables and make it plain to my hip. Also going to add waist shaping.

I like the sleeves the way they are, with the cables, so hopefully I'll have enough to do the whole thing. If not, no cables on the sleeve!

I cast on for a swatch last night - got gauge on my first go! The yarn is a bit splitty, but should be ok.


The book has me a bit stumped. I like a lot of the tops. I want to knit them. I would never wear them. I find myself contemplating making Short Sleeved Cardigan, or the Airy Wrap Around Lace Sweater - my reality check reminds me that I never wear lace, or anything wrap around. I just want to knit them! Sigh....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Did I mention Bendigo has a new yarn????

I dont think it's creped like their other Classic yarns.... And the blend sounds nice! Just wish it came in more colours though....

EDIT - got sample cards in the mail last night for the new yarn (god, Bendigo is SOOOO organised. I love them. I want to be buried in the town of Bendigo, overlooking the mill. Just kidding!).
The yarn is really soft, like the Mystique, and the colours are quite retro, like pale lilac, pale celery, ruby, charcoal, chocolate etc. Its a plyed yarn, not a crepe as well.
I like the green (Thyme) and lilac, but the colours I am definately am going to use is the charcoal-grey and the ruby. Its $12 a ball until 31 July, so I wont get some straight away - maybe next month....

Another one crosses to the dark side

The weekend after last, i managed to convince one of my Boi's friends to learn to knit.
He hadnt knitted since he was 12 (and is 33 now).

Got some squishy aran-weight Alps Merino in chocolate, size 5mm needles, garter stitch scarf and off he went. We went to the Courthouse SnB, but he admitted that he probably wouldnt touch it at home.

Got an SMS last night - "Help! Do you have more yarn? Just about to go thru the 2nd ball you gave me!"


After assuring him I did, I got this - "Great! When i'm finished I want to make socks! Lots of socks!"

And girls - he's single and queer*!
*queer, but into girls, pirates, My Little Pony, fiddle and miniture things.

Finished the pair of Dashing gloves last night, no photo because they are going to be a present for someone.
So-so-so close to finishing the first eva socks for moi - should finish them tonight. I'm going to type up the instructions and make a dyeing tute for The Anticraft.
Then I have to make a beanie for the Boi's friends birthday on Thurs - i want to make this, but in DK. I'm gonna use the Tapestry yarn i bought last week.

Really looking forward to this weekend of radical sex and politics! Camp Betty is on in Melbourne and we are driving down there on Thursday - yay!
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