Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekends are fun!

And full of knitting to boot!

Here are some pics from the Courthouse Hotel SnB that meets Sunday. The lovely lady with the white alpaca shawl is Disco Knitter :D (contemplating how nice the shawl would like dyed pink and orange)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sock yarn pics 'stuff

Finally remembered my camera this morning - this is the sock yarn I dyed on ANZAC day. I skeined off the white and black, tied it tight in a couple of places (to get white fleck) and used red food colour to dye it red. I actually mixed a bit of blue and yellow to stop the red being so day-glow.
Now i'm thinking Leather Pride colours (being Leather Pride Month next month).
Tie off the skien in a few places for white fleck, and dye it dark blue and red. Hmmm...... The Boi could use some Leather Pride socks i'm sure!!!
Other news - Web-goddess got back from the US and was at the Tapestry Craft SnB last night - was lurvely to see her. (She also bought me some Kool-Aid back as well! She rocks!). And was in possession of 2.5mm tiny tiny Addi Turbos.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sock Love

After skeining my black,white and grey sock yarn up, i managed to overdye the lot to a lovely red - but forgot to take pics! Will rectify that tonite!

And Disco-Knitter is right - Coles and Woolies DO sell black food colouring! Got some yesterday ;) - i hope it doesnt seperate when i dye with it though.

Did i mention i've been subpoenaed to appear in court as a prosecutors witness on Monday? Weird. The cops dont think i'll be called, basically i replied to a request for information and they may need to call me to say "Yes, i sent you an email on this date".
A day off work (yay!) except I have to go all the way to Penrith Court House. It'll take me an hour and a half to get there but at least I can knit on the way!
(Too bad it wasnt a murder which would be exciting)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Yarn Pr0n!

Woot! Look what I got from Etsy seller MysticalCreations (no longer registered sorry).
At the back we have 2 different silk-wool blends - its as shiny and soft as the picture look. The left is pale blue, rust and beige, the right is pale green, green and deep red.
I only ordered one ball of the lace weight rayon boucle, but she sent me two! Too bad they are slightly different colour ways (the right has a kind of mustard in it).
I got the yarn to see if i liked it before buying more ($6.50 US a ball), but now she no longer operates! D'oh! One of these is for my Secret Pal, not saying which though!
NOTE - now that yarn swift is really going to come in handy!
OOPS - clarification Sneaky Kitty - I wasnt hinting that I wanted KnitPicks yarns, just bemoaning the fact they wont post to OZ.... Its just when I want to make something, like a cardigan out of alpaca-silk, or some lush blend, in Australia it ends up costing at least $11 a ball... sigh... Who am i kidding, where am I gonna put the yarn in my new place??

Anyways - Best. Weekend. Ever.

Full of SEX with fellow knitters, knitting with fellow knitters and drinking with fellow knitters - what more could a grrl want (well, maybe a cute butch to serve me drinks while i knit...).

MissyFee and I came to an *arrangement* in regards to me getting 7 balls of Jo Sharp Alapca Silk Georgette in grey off her (perfect for this vest from the Knit 3 book)
and I got to borrow the Inner City Knitting Guilds yarn swift (me being a new member and all) so now I can skein some sock yarn ready for dyeing (got it from Spotlight, $4.99 a ball - its called Desire). Oh I can also finish skeining the hanks of yarn for my Thermal (must finish that this year!).
Last night went to a FTM/Queer film night - nice to hang with a diverse group of funky people. We all just piled onto cushions on the floor or sofas and watched some bizarre stuff. Grushenkadoll even bought popcorn! YAY!
The night ended with SkirtsAreBleeding trying to squirt the Boi with her breast milk for being so cheeky - i've never seen hym run so fast! Into the rain no less.
Also, taken from Grushenkadoll - I urge everyone to have a look at this.... Consumer protection regulations already prohibit false advertising, but a loophole in the law allows pregnancy counsellors who don't charge a fee to say whatever they like in ads they place in doctors' offices, police stations, magazines, online and in the phone book. This means women are being actively deceived by counselling agencies with a philosophical position on abortion. Take a stand people!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Why doesnt KnitPicks ship to Australia???!??!

Case in point - KnitPicks Telemark $1.99 a ball....

CotLin is $2.49 a ball, and Gloss is $3.99 a hank....
sigh....i'm a whinger i know....

Vintage Pat-O-Rama!

Look what my awesome Secret Pal just sent me!

Its a 34 page PDF document full of frivilous fifties patterns!! I love the names like "LoVee Dove Sweater". And the stilted poses (like the last picture - too funny!).... awww gotta love the 50's!

And there was this interesting information on increasing to a larger size


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Kinokuniya has Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel, and Twinkle's Big City Knits in stock, so its time for a mini review...

Twinkle's Big City Knits.
Well, this book is laid out lovely, much like a fashion magazine. Really nice eye candy. Only thing is you'd have to lay off the candy for a while to fit anything in the book - a size Large is a 33inch bust. 90% of the knits use super-chunky yarn and cables (which look lovely), but again, not so good for anyone over a size 10. Dont think i'll be getting this one. 4/10.

Fitted Knits
Hold onto yer hats - this is a keeper! Ok, i'm biased towards fitted knits that are knit from the top down, i admit it. But this book has some really really nice cardigans and vests, with delicately placed cables and lace. I'm not sure why Stephanie insists on putting purl ridges on everything, but its simple enough to leave them off.
I like most of her designs in this book, but some of them i thought needed to be a smidge longer in the torso (we cant all pull off the mid-riff number hehe). I am totally buying this book when I get paid - $24 from The Book Depository... 8/10.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Stage 4 nearing completion

Stage 1 = pack everything i own into boxes while trying to decide what i cant bear to part with
Stage 2 = get a bunch of friends to help shift my packed stuff into a storage locker
Stage 3 = clean my old rental place
Stage 4 = reassemble furniture and unpack clothes, yarn etc....

2 whole days of packing, 2 days moving, one whole day of cleaning.... I'm glad its over. I now reside in Arncliffe until December (when i get back from India later on this year).

Overheard as my stuff was being loaded into the storage locker - "Wow. Look at all those boxes of wool and fabric. Theres like 50 of them. Its like the Great Wall of Yarn!". Gotta love my friends!!

In the meantime, i bought an oil-heater off Ebay for 99c! Yay! Gonna pick it up on Thursday i hope. I would like to rant about the 2 people who bought my yarn lots though - when i say Direct Deposit or Money Order only for Australian customers and PayPal only for everyone else, that means if you live here you cant PayPal me. Sigh. I had to return their PP payments this morning...

Now for some pics I found on my digital camera! These are from our Western Australia holiday last year ;) - stoopid Blogger - i cant get my pics and descriptions to line up.... sigh

OK - Pic 1 - Me and Scooner - my doggie that was 'appropriated' by my ex. Its a long and sad story I will save for another time. (excuse the dumb look on my face).
Pic 2 - The Boi - hy's whale watching. And yes, we did see whales!
Pic 3 - The Diamond Tree Lookout, near Pemberton. There are these metal spikes about a foot apart that go all the way around and up the tree.
Pic 4 - Me taking a pic of the Boi (i'm about 1/3 of the way up. Wearing Crocs. And tanked from the wineries we went to. Thought maybe i should come back down now).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Super Secret Pal!!!

Thank you Secret Pal!!!!!!

I've wanted this book for ages!!!!! YAY!

Funny thing - I bought MY Secret Pal's book from The Book Depository as well. When i saw the package, i thought "Oh great, they sent it to me instead!"
Great suprise!! Thanks so much (one of the few books i'm NOT packing into storage :D)

And some baby's clothes pr0n.....

The jacket is the side opening one from Cleckheaton Book 948 - 10 Simple Baby Knits in 8ply. The hat is my own pattern. I used Holiday (yuk - until you handwash it in softner) beige and tweedy green. Booties are coming to match!

Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm baaaaack! Did ya miss me?

Well - what an Easter! The Boi, J and T and I went to Wombeyan Caves - about 2.5 hours away from Sydney. So picturesque!

We camped there for 3 days, and it managed to drizzle most of the time. And cold? You have no idea - i was doing dragon impersonations every morning hehe. Thankfully, I had a knitted scarf, beanie and my Sienna Cardigan (its first public outing) to keep warm. I was really greatful for the Sienna - it was soooo warm! Love it now! Except I have the smell of woodsmoke i need to wash out :).
Since i was the resident 'pyro', the fire was my responsibility - yay! Fire = pretty.

The Good: Hanging out with J and T, looking through the caves (i'll get some pics soon) and spotto-ing the only other dikes there. Driving into Taralga and having a look at the Antiques shop. The funny dog that followed me around.

The Bad: The drizzle. The mud. The children (why do people insist on taking their children caving with them?)

The Ugly: Being woken up at 11pm by a drunken rendition of "Rhinestone Cowboy" echoing through the valley.

I wouldnt recommend going there during school holidays, but otherwise a nice place to visit. We had 3 tents between us, and a nice roaring fire most of the time (even managed to get one started in the rain - yay for me!).
There were waaaay too many people for my liking (and the Boi's), which wouldnt have been a problem except people can be really disrespectful. I.e. The "Rhinestone Cowboy" people. There is a noise curfew at 10pm for a reason, and turning of your music off at 10, then cranking it back up half an hour later just isnt appropriate.
The caves were lovely - i recommend FigTree Cave, the others arent as impressive on scale :). Really really lovely stuff to see, and you can take your time as its self-guided. But again, people manage to ruin it for others. Why take a 3-year old hiking into a cave? Its not easy to get around. We spent a good deal of time trapped behind a family with 3 small children, and it didnt occur to them to please get out of the way and let us past (we tried, believe me). And their children were climbing all over 200,000 year old rock formations. Great.
When we were leaving, another family had let 3 of their boys climb under the hand rail and down into the bottom of the cave - WTF??? My mum would have kicked my behind if i did that.

So my verdict, nature rocks and people suck. (We tried to be respectful, we were quiet and took our rubbish with us when we left).

The drive back was great, we went via Mittagong. The road is sooo long and winding, and really beautiful. The Boi had fun cos you had to beep your horn at the sharp corners, to let people know you were there :D.

Unfortunately, i didnt get as much knitting done as i wanted. And no packing at all when i got home yesterday. Oh well....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Knitting in the extreme

Knitting and crochet is as far away from war thinking as one can possibly imagine. These traditional female crafts signals quite other values such as home, care, proximity and time for reflection… whereas political involvement seems to be a quite overwhelming affair: where to start and where to end? However, most people can knit or crochet a square of 15×15 centimetres - and so a lot of people managed to state their opinion on war - by crafting! The squares were sewn together into a pink patchwork and covered a tank - a critical statement on Denmark taking part in the Iraq war.

Corset-making goodness!!!



Rare Notions is an aussie based corset making supplied company - they sell metal boning online, and its cheaper than the plastic type from Spotlight!!

Off now to, ahem, splurge.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007



I love this "A cage does not hurt people, people hurt people. As long as your child is behind a cage, there will be no worry about what the child could do because they are confined."

I dont like kids much heheh

Woo Hoo

My Secret Pal has informed me they got the postcard i sent (it had a photo taken by M Bors of a woman knitting a woodland scene that went under a coffee table - neat!) and they should be getting Victorian Lace Today any day now.....

And now for some knitting pr0n.....

Branching Out scarf. See those 2 lifelines? This is my 4th attempt at this thing - easy lace my a$$... I'm using 2ply Silk-merino from The Knittery and i cant get over how light it is!! So i went and bought a ball of it in 8ply to see if it is still really light and soft - fingers crossed.

The scarf is either going to be for my mum's birthday in August (silk-merino should be OK for Darwin i think), or my nan's in November. I'm not sure yet. I may ask my sister when its done...

Some things i've learned doing this lace:
- Dont try and watch TV and do lace. Just dont.
- Life lines are not for wusses. And just because you need to use them doesnt mean you're a bad knitter.
- Knitting 2ply on anything smaller that 4mm would make me go crazy hehe.

This is the cable front from the Dollar and a Half cardigan. I'm not really happy with how it looks, but hopefully when the whole thing is complete i will be. And its taking forever!!!

I wanted this thing finished by Easter, its just not going to happen. This front has taken me twice as long as the other one, and i'm still 1.5 inches away from starting the neck decreases......le sigh....

Well, better actually do some work...

Monday, April 02, 2007

No title

Exercise Blog - I hurt. My thighs are constantly reminding me that they can barely push me around, let alone do squats with a bar across my shoulders. I went to the gym Sunday and Monday, and did weights both days. Thighs = not grateful (but they will be.... one day...). So only treadmill and cycle machine this morning. I couldnt push it at all, couldnt run on the treadmill. Its not a bad pain, more muscle tightness than anything which should mean that i'm growing some muscles down there :). More weight training tomorro. It'll be 3 weeks down this Friday - if i only ate better i think i would lose weight, but at the moment with the stress of moving i need my chocolate!!

I had to explain to someone last night why i like to watch The Biggest Loser - or the Boombahs as i call it (being overweight i can say that - you skinny people cant!). They were horrified because they thought it meant i liked reality TV. Uh-uh. Its motivation to see what these people can do, simply by putting one foot in front of the other and getting some exercise. I can see them lose weight, each week - its motivation for me, even if i hate the format, and find some of the people inane. I can feel the results at the moment - my clothes fit the same, but i dont get puffed so easily. I can power walk to the train station and not be out of breath. I can run up the stairs at Newtown station and not feel shaky (just out of breath). YAY! Next step - to cut the cr@p out of my diet so i will lose the weight to match my better feeling insides.

Knitting Content - Plodding along with the $1.50, Isabella keeps distracting me. I think i'll take it to work on when i go camping this weekend (Easter). And the Branching Out Scarf. While cleaning out the stash room in preparation for the move, i found the Vogue Knitting Bolero i put aside in disgust at the instructions and have to frog back about 5 rows in pattern. Blah. Better bring that with me too i spose. I'll post some pics tomorro - catch yas!

Anti-Bush bumper stickers...

From FOX News: Ideas for slogans and/or bumper stickers:

Bush Never Exhaled
At Least Nixon Resigned
Bush: End of an Error
That's OK, I Wasn't Using My Civil Liberties Anyway
Let's Fix Democracy in This Country First
If You Want a Nation Ruled By Religion, Move to Iran
Bush. Like a Rock. Only Dumber.
If You Can Read This, You're Not Our President
Of Course It Hurts: You're Getting Screwed by an Elephant
Hey, Bush Supporters: Embarrassed Yet?
George Bush: Creating the Terrorists Our Kids Will Have to Fight
Impeachment: It's Not Just for Blowjobs Anymore
America: One Nation, Under Surveillance
They Call Him "W" So He Can Spell It
Cheney/Satan '08
Jail to the Chief
No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade Iraq?
Bush: God's Way of Proving Intelligent Design is Full Of Crap
Bad President! No Banana.
We Need a President Who's Fluent In At Least One Language
We're Making Enemies Faster Than We Can Kill Them
Is It Vietnam Yet?
Where Are We Going? And Why Are We In This Handbasket?
You Elected Him. You Deserve Him.
Impeach Cheney First
Dubya, Your Dad Shoulda Pulled Out Too
Pray For Impeachment
The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century
What Part of "Bush Lied" Don't You Understand?
One Nation Under Clod

I'm loving "Where Are We Going? And Why Are We In This Handbasket? ".... cracks me up...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

One Monkey down....

And one more to go!! This is the Boi's foot, i have big hoofer feet and theres no way they would fit!

I got the recipient to try them on last night (with eyes shut) and they fit so all is well with the world... They are a bit tight getting them on over the ankle - may have to ask the KAL'ers on Craftster if anyone has the same issue.

The $1.50 is coming along slowly slowly. I kinda wished i hadnt done the whole asymetrical thing because i dont actually like how the cables looks... but i'm commited now!

I've been havong these manic moments where i've had 3 WIPs sitting in front of me, and i do 10 rows of one, 10 rows of the next one etc etc. I did that for like 2 hours the other day. I must be stressed.

Quiet weekend, went to the Courthouse SnB for a bit, lovely DiscoKnitter gave me some balls of Orange Zhiavago (the Boi has an obsession with that yarn), and then went shopping. Back to the daily grind i guess.
Oh, no, i have to pack today. I'm taking a half day so i can make a serious attempt at packing my sewing stash room. Trying to fit everything i want to take to my new digs into 3 containers suprisingly isnt as hard as i thought....
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