Tuesday, October 02, 2007

India Saga 3

Lets just say, a 10 minute phonecall on a bad line, trying to get a room in a certain hotel.

Man: 800 rps.
Me: 800 rps? Are you sure? The Lonely Planet says 700 rps max.

Man: Old prices - 800 rps.
Me: But its the September 2007 edition. Do you have a cheaper room?

Man: Its a mis-print - 800 rps is our prices. Only price.
Me: Fine, ok, i'll make a booking please.

Man: Certainly madam...
** proceeds to take all my details**

Man: Now, would you like the 650 rps room or the 800 rps??
Me: ** head explodes**


Cecilia said...

16 days to go!!

beadlizard said...

Saw your comment over at Joy's and was hoping to send along some vitamins, but you're on a different continent!

As for the booking, it's the same story even with the really expensive business hotels in Bangalore. If you use a credit card, be aware that they print the entire number, not just the last four digits, on receipts..

Do you have skype for telecon? It's cheaper than land or cell. Don't know if J, N & L have the bandwidth currently, but they sometimes can get on skype for a good chat. --Syl (near SF, CA)

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