Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knitting Classic Style: 35 Modern Designs...

Another nice offering from Veronik Avery. - available at Kinokuniya for $44.95, or cheaper at BookDepository.

I originally favourited a few designs from this book, but there's probably only only one or two now I would knit.
Thats not to say its a bad book! The designs are more 'mature' or 'fussy' that I originally realised.

Great range of sizing, i.e. 32 inch bust to 52inch for some things, lovely pictures and well written. The fair-isle cardigan looks really lush (so do the latvian mittens). The military cardigan looked great online, but boxy in the book.

Give this one 6 Bex-points out of 10.

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missfee said...

I saw this on the weekend and loved quite a few of the patterns - ordered this morning through the book depot - YAY

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