Thursday, August 30, 2007


Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman for 3 pounds = $10. New. Including airmail to Australia. Need I say more? hehe...
Got it from my crack/book dealer here....
Also finally got Vegan With A Vengance - been meaning to get that for ages. Best recipes for vegan's i've seen in a looooong time.

Spotted this book for The Boi - Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-free Recipes for Cupcakes That Rule. He does love his cupcakes. Might get it for Xmas for him.

The shot was fine (got the Twinrex 2-in-1). The EMLA patches did help a little bit but I could still feel the sting. Only wimpered - I admit I am a wuss.
Talked to my Doc about Gardasil - was concerned the age-limit cut off was fast approaching - she assured me that I could get it when i get back from India, so bring on my EMLA patches again I guess.

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ARJ said...

Free shipping worldwide? I think I'm in love.

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