Monday, August 06, 2007

Reason #63 Why Ravelry Is Great!

Need I say more on the subject? This is what they put up during their upgrades.

And dont forget peeps - 26 August!!!
Fifties Fair Day is here again!

"Join in the fun and frivolity at our annual Fifties fair. This day-long event, now in its 13th year, is set against the backdrop of Rose Seidler House, one of the finest examples of mid-century modernist architecture in Australia, built by Harry Seidler for his parents, Max and Rose. The house will be open for inspection throughout the day. "

I lurve 50's fair day - and if you can get to Turramurra Train Station there is a free shuttle bus! Look for my in my 50's inspired outfit (ok, havent decided what to wear yet hehe).

Past pics... (I made my outfit (including handbag) and my ex's tattoo print bowling shirt)


missfee said...

sock victim and I will eventually get a dog and we are going to call it Rofl

Erin said...

I have shoes just like those! I adore them to pieces.

50s day sounds like fun...I always hear about it after it happens.

Bex said...

They are my favourite shoes too!
And then my ex's dog chewed them and TUK dont make them anymore :(

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