Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Overseas adoptions to be blocked for gay couples

TheFederal Government is moving to stop gay couples from adopting children from overseas with legislation that would deny the children visas.
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The reason for John Howard wanting it blocked -"Children ideally should be brought up by a mother and a father who are married. That's the ideal."

Alright - so if you're not married or hetero, dont even THINK about having children... This makes me so mad. I know heaps of gay couples, and wish that I was brought up in a household as loving, caring and supportive as theirs.
It really sickens me that the Government is trying to close the loop-holes to allow GLBTQ folk the same rights as everyone else.
What next? We all have to wear a pink triangle on our jacket pocket? Oops, thats already been done....
What about obese adoption? Should people be allowed to adopt if they are obese? Or anorexic? Or a Satanist? Or a single parent? Or a redneck? Or a Liberal voter?

Conversely, California promotes GLBTQ for carers and parents. Apparently we are loving and caring people - who knew???


M-H said...

That. Man. Is. An. Idiot. And his party seems to becoming up with more and more outlandish things to prove how 'family oriented' they are.

Deperation is what I smell. And so do lots of other people. The tide has turned.

missfee said...

or a god botherer - they should need a permit ot adopt

Lara said...

Apparently, the fatties are already on the adoption shitlist.

We know this government is never going to be gay family friendly, let's just off them, shall we?

Unfortunately, the right wing of the Labour party aren't much better. We have a lot of work to do before we can take relationship equality for granted. I'm up for it!

motleycruiser said...

cause we all know gay parents are so much worse than a 3rd world orphanage. Did you ever see the movie about the 2 gay me who adopted 3 babies who had HIV. When one later turned out to be negative they wanted to take him away from his parents. They didn't want the other kids only the negative one.

Caro said...

I choose to remain calm and continue to plan, in more and more detail, the whoop-arse party at my place when a certain homophobic, out-of-touch, little Johnny Howard finally retires. It could be worse. We could still have be mesmerised by that band of elastic spit between his lips. As well as showing him how to wipe before interviews his PR would have done him a favour if they'd told him to be nice to the gays - we're here to stay - he's NOT!

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