Sunday, August 05, 2007

Be greatful for the good things in life...

You know when you have a weekend thats not hugely exciting or awesome, but its perfect none the less?
I had one of those!

The Boi started my day on Saturday with porridge and stewed rhubarb (my favourite) and we hung out and went shopping. SSK in the afternoon, and it was really good to see some people I havent seen for a while.

That night we went to a friends house for a dinner party (everything vegetarian!) and stayed on til midnight just hanging with people. Had a few too many glasses of wine I think.

Sunday, sleep in, do some housework and then off to the Courthouse SnB in the arvo. Really capped off a good weekend. Twas Kerry, Andrew and myself, and we had a really relaxing afternoon discussing the meaning of life and laceweight. The weather was lovely too - and I left in one of the best moods I've had for ages (endlessly pre-mens at the moment).

I've had a lace sock on my mind and the only way to appease the Knitting Gods was to cast on for it (you would think the other 8 Forms of Worship (WIPs) that i'm working on would be enough).
So here is my lace sock, hopefully to be in the Summer issue of Creative Knitting...

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ARJ said...

The sock looks gorgeous! Fabbo job!

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