Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Anyone whos seen The Simpsons Movie will know what I am talking about - I have the 'choral' version of Spider-Pig stuck in my head... Pretty funny movie, we all did enjoy it.

Funniest/weirdest bit was actually lining up.
The Boi likes to get there early - read he HAS to be the first one in, so we always get there an hour - 45 mins before hand. Which is good for our other friends who want to get icecreams.
So we are lining up, and the cleaners are in there picking up the popcorn boxes etc. The queue already is around the corner, down the stairs...
This guy walks straight past us and into the cinema - The Boi goes to say something and I'm like, its OK, the cleaners will tell him to leave.
Well, 10 mins later they kick him out and he comes and stands right in front of The Boi at the head of the queue - not a good idea.

The Boi : (quite friendly) "Excuse me mate, the end of the queues back there..."
Rude Guy: snooty french accent "Am I talking to you? I think not..." turns his back
The Boi: "Look mate, we've been here for 45 mins you cant just stand in front of us!"
By this time the guy's girlfriend walks up, and is trying to get him to move to the end as well.
Rude Guy: " What is your problem? I can do what I like! Do not talk to me!"
Me: (time to stand up for my Boi!) "Wanker!"
So the Boi and I start to complain to each other about the rudeness of some people, and the girlfriend is getting really pi$$ed off with her guy (not us) and they have this major arguement in French - in the end she just storms off and goes to line up at the end. The Rude Guy storms off after her and grabs her arm really roughly. We thought he was gonna hit her, and my Boi said he better not try it!!!! (awww he's so butch!)

Realising that the Ridiculous Indian Adventure is so close, I managed to use my limited HTML skills to add a count down clock to my side bar.
I really cant wait to go!
At first I was a bit down on the whole idea, (i dont like crowds, smells, dirt, and lets just say testoserone charged environments make me feel distinctly uncomfortable). I realised that getting out of my comfort zone and surrendering to the chaos of India is going to be really funny!
For me, the most stressful bit is getting all the shots i need - i have a big phobia of needles (yes, really). When i go to the dentist and need anasthetic she gives me Valium to take before hand.
YAY for oral vaccines! Too bad the only one I can have orally is Typhoid :(.

The plan is :
Shimla (mountains - all the way to Lucknow)
Rewalsar (staying with Joy for 4-5 days)
Rishikesh (white water rafting)
Agra (the Taj Mahal)
Udaipur (dinner at the palace in the middle of the lake!!)
Bikaner (Camel trek!)
Delhi (time to go home)

Getting to Shimla is going to be great - you catch this tiny toy train up the mountains - it goes through 103 tunnels! Shimla itself used to be the summer capital of the British Raj, so it looks like little England.

Things to pack:
Mossie Repellant
Sock Yarn.....


Lara said...

So jealous! Take lots of photos, I expect a slide night on your return :)

Michelle said...

I loves me the Spider Pig. It was the best part of the whole movie, apart from the one-liner Ralph delivers when he sees Bart skateboarding naked. (I won't mention it here, in case some people haven't seen the movie).

Wow, that is going to be one fantastic trip! I expect many, many photos of you knitting your way through exotic locales!

missfee said...

I am so jealous soo jealous - can i come to wind the sock yarn and pattern advise?

erin said...

Spider-pig! Spider-pig! Does whatever a spider-pig does!

I nearly died laughing in that movie.

Also, the trip sounds like it's going to be fantastic.

Bex said...

Can he walk up a wall?
No he cant! Cos he's a pig!


Miss Fee- i'm sure I can fit you in my backpack!

amy said...

the spider pig thing was the best thing from the whole film! It's been in my head ever since!

Can I add one thing for you to pack? Go to one of the outdoorsy places (ie Khatmandu) and get yourself some water purification tablets. My hubby used them a LOT when he was in India (mostly when he wanted to brush his teeth!)

You are going to have an awesome trip

Bex said...

Hey Amy!

I gots me 200 water purification tablets (from my anxious mum) and about 200 imodium tablets hehehe...

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