Sunday, July 01, 2007


I'm a big fan of The Knittery. I've calculated that i've spent well over $500 at her online store in the past year, and love the yarns and service.
I'm just not sure how much more i'll be buying from them - their Cashmerino sock has gone up to $25 a 105g skein. With postage, thats $28 for a pair of socks.

My limit is $20ish for socks, not including postage - that means it now costs the same to buy 2 skeins of Lornas Laces (or Cherry Tree Hill) from emtnestr on Ebay as it does to buy my favourite sock yarn.

I may still buy her DK silk merino though - I got a whole lace scarf out of one skein.

Another huh? moment is the Katia yarn in Spotshite - theres a new one, I think its called 'Scotch' that looks and feels *just* like Rowan Summer Tweed. Had a silk content too! Only prob was it came in apple green or teal - both colours I love, but never wear... If only it came in cherry!!! $10.95 a ball wasnt bad either, considering I can layby there too ;)


Cecilia said...

I noticed that too. Now I wished I had splurged when it was still $18/skein.

I guess I should be grateful there is one fewer temptation out there!

Bex said...

Tell me about it!

Even $21 a skien wasnt too bad (getting to my limit there)...

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