Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hola Chica!

YAY! One glove down... These are the first gloves (with fingers) i've ever made. The second glove will look so much better, now I've perfected the art of picking up stitches between the fingers (only 2? I dont think so). The most perfect buttons ever can be found at the button shop in Newtown.

Something to note with this pattern:
- It says to pick up 2 stitches between the fingers - try 3 or 4 to get the gaps to close. I had to do some magic weaving to get rid of the gaps.
- There is an error in the instructions for the 2nd glove - Row 5. It says "Knit 33, BO 29. Row 6 = knit." Umm.... unless i'm mistaken, ending a row on cast-offs would require you to break the yarn, and then re-join it back on the 33rd stitch in order to turn the work to knit it...
- The nice M1 shaping that is on the right glove is not so nice on the left one. It could just be my way of increasing though (picking up the stitch from the row below and knitting into the back of it).

In other news - here is my skull dress in the works.... I actually attached the skirt part last night, then realised my zipper was too small.

The dress is a bit too sacky for my liking, I may re-do part of the waist band to give it more shape :).


Erin said...

There's a make one reverse increase that I used on my gloves - it's the same as the m1 but you pick up the stitch below from the other side and knit into the front.

Bex said...

Ahh... will try that next time :)

missfee said...

wow how fast are you!! Love the fabric for the dress and the button on the glove is a winner

Sarah said...

holy shit - that dress is awesome.

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